Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Hot Mama!

Many of you, who are dedicated readers to Starpansie, know how much I love music--especially music that relates to my own life.

My husband and I have multiple "theme" songs we feel best describe our marriage, or "moments" in our life. However, the one that best describes us is "One Hot Mama" by Trace Adkins.

If you haven't heard it, it is hilarious! I am always amazed when a male song writer can get into a woman's head and describe--vividly--the way she feels about herself. I mean, my own DH (love him dearly!) can't even do that sometimes!

Read these words and tell me you haven't (or don't ever) feel this way.

You're doin' all you can to get in them old jeans.
You want that body back, you had at seventeen.
Baby, don't get down; don't worry 'bout a thing.
'Cause the way you fill 'em out, hey, that's all right with me.
I don't want the girl you used to be.
An' if you ain't noticed, the kids are fast asleep, *wink, wink*

An' you're one hot mama;
You turn me on, let's turn it up,
An' turn this room into a sauna.
One hot mama,
Oh, whaddya say, baby?
You wanna?

Well, I know sometimes you think that all you really are,
Is the woman with the kids an' the groceries in the car.
An' you worry about your hips an' you worry about your age.
Meanwhile I'm tryin' to catch the breath you take away.
Oh, an' believe me, you still do.
Baby, all I see, when I look at you,

Is one hot mama...

classic, right?

Why is it that we worry so much about our hips, our age, the kids, the stretch marks, the old jeans that no longer fit, and sometimes feel like all we are is "the woman with the kids, the groceries, and the car?" Seriously, how can we be expected to turn that room into a "sauna" with all of these things on our mind?

My DH claims loves me just the way that I am (stretch marks, saggy boobs and all).

{{Sometimes I think anything would turn his room into a sauna *wink, wink*}}

So. Why is it we still struggle with our own self-image? Why not embrace the stretch marks and sagginess?

Here at Fit Me Pink, our goal is to help you be a better you! If that means helping you embrace your stretch marks, sagginess, or maybe give you motivation to blast some calories, run a marathon, eat healthier, and feel beautiful just the way you are...then we have accomplished our goal.

We want to hear from you...our fitalicious readers! Do you relate? What is your story? What are you doing to feel like a "Hot Mama" every day? Cuz we know you are!



Evelyn and Art said...

After two misscarriages, numerous surgeries to have kids and two kids... my body is just not the same! It's so hard for me, but I honestly think my honey likes it better this way! He had something to do with that "maternal" look! He's proud of that! If I'm smiling, happy and laughing, he's chasing me all around the house! I work on me so I can be that for him and we're both happy with the outcome!!! (Don't tell him I exposed us in such a way!)

Missy said...

I've never had "big" boobs, and that's an understatement. When I had Megan, everybody said "oh they'll get bigger now, especially after you nurse." Sha-right! They actually got smaller! Oh, don't get me wrong, they plumped up a little while I was nursing. But afterward they completly deflated. Not only are they smaller now, there's that added bonus of being all shriveled like I had implants and took them out. Pretty sexy. After three c-sections, my stomach matches my saggy, empty boobies. It hangs over like an empty grocery sack, all warbly and wrinkly. Nice. I'm pretty fit and very small. Yet, the hangy flap remains... yep. Oh well. My husband hates it when I talk about tummy tucks and boob jobs. I tell him it could be worse. I could be one of those gals who feels so bad about it that I never "wink, wink." Or I could always make it seem like a chore or something. I'm usually more "wink, wink" than he is, so I don't think he can complain too much. That usually shuts him up. ;)

Michael said...

(No comment)

Erin said...

I think I like Michael's comment best! :)

Seriously folks, I'm the queen of deformed bodies! After a masectomy, reconstruction, (yes, my stomach IS my boob)my body is one giant road map leading to no where. I think one's true character is discovered when you look in the mirror and have no hair, no eyebrows or eyelashes; your face is fat due to the 40 pounds you've gained from the steroids your taking so the chemo doesn't kill you, you're missing one boob and you look at your husband and go..."Wow babe, I'm sexy!"

I guess you just embrace what you've got and realize that beauty comes from the inside out. And trust me people, that's hard to say when your reflection stares back some face you don't even recognize! But it's true. Life is about LIVING not being worried about all of our faults. Eat right, exercise, stay healthy and let the scars be happy reminders of all the fun things we've accomplished in life. I still have a scar on my leg from a hiking trip to a beautiful Hawaiian waterfall. I love that scar...every time I look at it I remember how much fun that trip was! So each stretch mark can count for each year we've celebrated motherhood. Each wrinkle can remind us of all the laughs we had with our families and our saggy boobs can remind us that our kids were once tiny babies and how much fun it was to cradle them in our arms. We need to teach our kids, (especially daughters) that beauty is the person that you ARE, not the person you SEE.

Robyn said...

I think we need to publish these comments! Good stuff...especially Michael's...ha ha! And you ARE one hot mama!

Tina said...

I totally LOVED Erin's comment. I have struggled with self esteem my entire life. Feeling like I wasn't "good enough" to make parents happy or want me etc. And unfortunately when I put on weight after having children, I wonder what could possibly be attractive to my husband.
But, the awesome thing is. He loves me. I guess I am lovable.
So why don't I love myself?
I have an awesome scar from my birth defect on my stomach that is literally a deep crevasse that you can lose a finger in....ok, so not THAT deep, but I have struggled with the way my stomach looks, especially in a skin tight, wet swimming suit.
But you know, that scar represents life to me. I am alive, and that scar reminds me every day what a gift my life is.
Behind that scar is scar tissue. It almost looks like an inner tube, only partially inflated, is stuck right to my stomach. Yes, the hole in the middle and everything.
Whoa, this is a lot of info nobody wanted right?
Anyway, I have struggled with self esteem so long and so much but I am with Erin, I have to find my inner beauty and it shows on the outside as well. We aren't all supermodels. But we are "Hot Mama's" because we are moms who love our kids and do our best to be our best.
I guess, after writing this forever long post, that when we know who we really are, and WHOSE we really are, we can always find something to love about ourselves because of whose image we are created in.
You guys are awesome for doing this. I am now a fan! I already feel better about myself just from reading and responding this first time.

Melissa said...

I like this post. I think we are harder on ourselves than the guys in our lives. I think we just find it hard to believe because we've been told all our lives that guys want a perfect body.