Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey! Who's drivin' this flyin' umbrella?

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Before we go any further, allow us to introduce ourselves....

Q: Who are you?

R: I'm Robyn...the middle child and favorite sister...hee hee.

K: I'm Kimberly, the flatter-chested, older and wiser sister.

Q: What is your fitness background?

R: I remember doing Mousercize workouts on the Disney Channel when we were little. I think we woke up at 6 am (I was probably 8-years old) to exercise with Mickey Mouse! Does that count as experience? While serving a mission for my church in Finland, I gained A LOT of weight...much more than the fresh-woman 15 I'd gained previously. I then joined the gym, hired a personal trainer, met my husband, and became a personal trainer myself. I worked at an all-woman's gym in California before giving birth to my first baby.

K: I've always had a passion for fitness. I teach pilates, dance, and step classes at the gym--and run in my spare time.

Q: How do you stay motivated to exercise?

R: We come from a long line of family members with OCD in one form or another. For most of us, once something becomes a habit, it just sticks. I wouldn't say that I'm always super motivated, but it's just a normal part of my day. It's one of those things that's easy to do some days, but is really hard to do on other days. Either way, I just do it. I try to have a plan of when I'm going to workout the next day before going to bed. I set out all my clothes, towel, fill up my water bottle, etc. That way when the alarm goes off, I get right into my workout clothes and go (although actually "go"-ing sometimes takes an hour or two with small children in the mix).

K: I just know if I don't work out, I'll be fatter than my sister...and I can't let that happen. My sister's a motivator to me--I know she's not slacking off, so I can't either. There's nothing like those workout endorphins...they're great. My favorite quote from Legally Blonde is, "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people don't kill their husbands."

Q: What is your biggest accomplisment to date?

R: Probably running a marathon. Before meeting my now-husband, the furthest I'd ever run was probably 3 miles. He was training for a marathon at the time. The next year, he was going to run one again. I thought, "Why not?" So before ever running a 5K or a 10K or even a 1/2 marathon, I ran 26.2 miles in the St. George Marathon. I cursed myself for doing so the entire second half of the race, but bawled like a baby while crossing the finish line. It felt amazing and I hope to run another one next year. The pain of 26.2 miles really was worth the feeling of accomplishment.

K: Well...doesn't squeezing three babies out of my body count?

R: Oh yeah, that too.

Q: What are your "weakness" foods?

R: Pretty much anything with chocolate, peanut butter, or both. Peanut butter is the only thing I craved during both pregnancies.

K : Chips. I love chips. And cookie dough. And Coke. And hamburgers and fries. Is that enough, or should I keep going?

Q: Why Fit Me Pink?

R: I really want to help women in their healthy-living quest. Our ultimate dream is to open an all-women's Fit Me Pink gym.

K: What better way to promote fitness for women than with my favorite color, pink!

Q: What was your relationship like growing up?

R: We fought a lot. I remember Kimberly playing LOTS of mean tricks on me. We had a playhouse in our backyard, and we'd often take sleeping bags out there to lay on. I remember laying in the playhouse once and Kimberly asking me if I wanted her to tickle my back. Of course I said yes! Turns out, she just wanted a back to wipe her boogers on! Thanks, sis! Our mom also made us "sing" our arguments. We'd end up laughing and forget what we were fighting about in the first place!

K: I don't remember fighting a lot, I just remember not wanting to share my clothes with my messy little sister. When we were a bit older, we became really good friends.

Q: What is your relationship like now?

R: Kimberly really is my best friend. Which is probably why we still fight! We know each other so well, we're not afraid to speak our minds. My mouth has always been what gets me in trouble. Always! But, we also know each other well enough to know that any hurtful thing probably wasn't meant to be hurtful, so we move on as best friends and sisters should.

K: Ditto.

Q: If Hollywood were to contact you to make a movie about your lives, who would play the characters?

R: That's a tough one. I still picture us kind of like Stephanie and D.J. Tanner from Full House. I was always the scraggly, messy younger sister. Kimberly was the clean, perfect, beautiful child. If I could choose an actress now for myself, though, I'd pick Reese Witherspoon. Not sure why...I just really like her. We're both blonde, right?

K: I would pick Carrie Underwood for myself. I love Country Music, and I love American Idol.

Tell us about YOU! What keeps you motivated? Who would play YOU in a movie? What are your weakness foods? ETC.

***Bonus points if you know what movie the title of this post is from***


Jake and Jessica said...

The title came from Disney's Robin Hood.

Jake and Jessica said...

Oh, and Little John said the line.

Melissa said...

You guys are so cute. I need to get my recipes in.

Christie said...

This was hilarious. You guys are the cutest.

The only thing that motivates me is my extreme desire to eat bad food. I work out so that I can eat bad. Sure, I'd like to lose a few pounds, but if I can keep myself from gaining, I've done good.

Michael said...

I guess one motivation is to keep up with you two. There's nothing better than a mid-morning jog in San Diego with my sisters.

Aly said...

I remember getting towels out for our "work out mats" to do mousersize at your house!

You guys are so amazing! You both look so good! I wish I had a skinny sister to not want to be fatter than...maybe that would motivate me to loose these last 15-20 pounds!

Aly said...

P.S. I would want Leah Remini to play my part...only because she is hilarious, and I wish I was that funny!

Evelyn and Art said...

That was really cute! I always thought my sisters and I would be great for a Full House line-up as well. Okay, but here's the thing that (used to) motivate(s) me: it was the one thing I could fully accomplish during the day. I need to get back on the ball!!