Friday, November 14, 2008

Stress-Free Parents = Healthy Kids!

I recently read about a study conducted at the University of Rochester (read here) that found that the more stressed out a parent is, the more likely her child is to get sick.
If you're already a QUOTE-UNQUOTE stressed out parent, don't let this news stress you out more! The good news is that taking care of yourself and your own personal mental health is like giving your kids a healthy sickness-preventing dose of vitamin C!
Here are some fun stressbusters...
  1. When you're stressed and rushing to get out the door, everyone's screaming and crying, and you're holding back the string of profanities rushing through your head, {{for me, this is Sunday mornings. Why are Sunday's before Church the most stressful morning of the week?}} take a moment to release some tension. When I feel a ticking-time-bomb building up in my chest ready to explode at any moment, if I'm focused, I like to let it out with a happy scream! I gather my stress-inducing children (and husband...wink, wink) around, and we let out a B.I.G. yell for a minute. I feel much better, and the kids never know I was really mad!
  2. Learn to say, "NO!" I'm a big time "yesser." I have a REALLY hard time saying "no" when asked for a favor. But sometimes, you just have to! See what's already on your plate, and decide if you can handle tackling the proposed addition. If not, say "no!"
  3. See how different types of music affect your mood. Play the type that relaxes you, whether it's rock or classic!
  4. Put yourself in "time-out". {{If only I could stay in time-out for as many minutes as I am old!}
  5. Take a nap, or get adequate night time sleep. {{I know, like that's going to happen, right?}}
  6. Stop trying to be the "perfect mom!" It doesn't exist!
  7. Try to quiet the constant "to-do" list in your brain. Pick up a favorite novel, watch a funny-good movie, dust off your old guitar, and engage your mind!
  8. EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!! Even if you can only squeeze in a few minutes every day, it will work wonders for your own health, and apparently your children's!
To sum it up...let go thy guilt for taking some YOU time! It's better for everybody involved...including your kiddies.
What are your favorite stress-reducers?
By the way...I had no idea until I read this that there is actually a day designated each year as World Diabetes Day. And guess what? It's TODAY!
To learn more about diabetes and children, go here.


Aly said...

I think you probably wrote this post for me! I need to kids have been sick for like 4 weeks now!

And I am now going to check out the diabetes thing. Chucks mom was type one and my little Max is constantly asking for water to drink (one of the signs)...ugh! I'm sure he is fine, but with the family history I would like to be better informed:)

Thanks for sharing! Your posts are always so great:)

Kimberly said...

Aly and I are on the same page. I've been wondering the same thing about Luke! Good post!

Niki Carpenter said...

Loved this post! Something I needed to read! I am so glad that you started the "Fit Me Pink" blog. I really get a lot out of it!

Lyenna said...

Seriously every time I read Fit Me Pink my spirit is lifted. Great post! As far as stress reducers, the exercise thing always works for me, but so does a little alone time (wink, wink) with the hubby!

Missy said...

I hate stress, so I usually try to avoid it at all cost. With three kids, it finds me anyway. I love happy me and am not fond of not-happy me so I exercise every day two times mostly, even three or four times on some days. Just depends on what's goining on. Sometimes my bike gets a flat or something happens causing me to run late, I have to bag the morning bike ride. I can tell immediatly in the way I feel that I missed it. Crazy. Also, I don't overschedule activities for my kids or myself. That is a major helpful stress-reducer. Why do women try to do SO much or have their kids do SO much, which costs them physically?! Silly. Personally, I think its a dumb competition thing with a lot of people. I dunno, not my thing. My kids can find plenty of great things to do at home, in the backyard or something so I don't end up cleaning up after them all the ding-dong day long.

carla said...

BEYOND TRUE and a great and timely post.

that's all I shall say as anything else mightcould get me in trouble should my extended family read yer blog.

Maylene said...

Too bad I could never actually make myself follow any of that advice (although I desperately need to). Actually several weeks ago, I was in a HUGE hurry...I was running late and backed the Santa Fe into our other car. OOPS. Yeah, Mark was not happy about that. He told me that if I had just slowed down for even 30 seconds it wouldn't have happened. Sadly, he was right on that one.