Friday, January 2, 2009

Beauty Tips I Discovered on New Year's Eve....

This year marked the second year of our now annual sleep-over tradition on New Year's Eve: our good friends come over, we have dinner together, we all put our kids to bed, we play games to ring in the New Year, sleep for a few hours before the kids wake up, have breakfast together, then go about our New Year's Day. I was UGLIER than ever this year as we bid farewell to our friends. Here's what I learned...

How to avoid unbecoming smelliness:
Don't leave two curious-about-their-private-parts toddler boys alone downstairs. The older one will convince your all-to-happy-to-run-around-nekkid-even-when-suffering-from-the-runs 2-year old to remove his diaper, leaving a trail of stinky messes for you to clean up throughout the basement.
How to avoid red, puffy, swollen eyes (and a minor heart attack):
After the basement stench has become only a faint reminder of potty-less pooping horrors, make sure the gate at the top of the stairs in in place. Your angel baby just might attempt the long descent down the 13 steps while no one's watching. You will bawl. your. eyes. out. Poor baby! (Who suffered no major injury, thank heavens!)
How to avoid full-blown, fatigue-induced ugliness:
Keep your earlier-in-the-week-uber-sick-with-the-throw-up-virus toddler (yes, the same one who now has the runs) away from your baby. When you finally head to bed at 1 am after game-playing, big-apple-watching, sparkling-cider-drinking (not to mention glass-bowl-breaking...oops!) fun, your baby will begin her ringing-in-the-new-year-all-night-long-vomit-fest. You, your house, and your baby will become one big stinky mess!
How to avoid weight gain as the New Year begins:
Hide the brownies! You will head to the comfort food after each fun happening of the night.
My mom always told me sleepovers made me ornery. She never told me they made me ugly, too! How was your New Year's party?
Edited to say: OK...there was SOME good in all of this. I burned lots of calories running up and down stairs with laundry, and while scrubbinbscrubbingscrubbing the floorsfurnitureblankets!


Erin said...

Wow. Seriously, what a horrible nightmare! I can't believe your awake to tell the tale. All the poop and puke make me sick just thinking about it!!! How do you get that out of your carpet??? Oh man, I'm so sorry for you!! And don't feel bad about the stairs mishap...I think it's happened to all my children and Sadie 3 times...and they turned out fine...well...sort of!! Hang in there with the sick little ones!! :)

Maylene said...

That sounds pretty awful and exhausting. I hope you guys all start to feel better and get lots of rest. I have to admit I was so tired this year that we just went to bed early...oh well, maybe next year I will be more festive :)

Diane said...

GEEZ! It was stressful reading about it, but not as stressful as hearing about it on the phone. I sure hope everyone is on the mend now! I'll bet you can't wait for a nice day to open the windows.

Dad and I spent a quiet New Years Eve at home. I was sick! No vomit or poop, just a plain old cold. The one I probably gave all of you....SORRY!!

esherman10 said...

Sounds like a fun New Year's Eve, Robyn! Did your friends have a good time, too? :) j/k Hope everyone is feeling better's no fun having sick kids!

Fit Me Pink said...

I still can't believe the night you had! At least it will be one you will always remember!

Kara said...

Oh, sounds like my life! Every day's a party, no?