Friday, January 23, 2009

Sugar Fast?

I'm normally a happy-go-lucky type girl.
But January always throws me a whirl.
I'm tired, grumpy, and c-c-c-cold.
Snacks and treats? They've got me.
One bite and I'm sold.
Dear food, how I love ya.
Can't seem to resist.
It's not fair, though, dear sugar,
You head straight for the hips!
Couldn't you try wiggling up through my ears?
Or maybe I could cry you out in my tears.
I've a million small places I'd be happy to plump up.
Especially TWO...upper region...
Ahem. **Insert Cough**
But no...the fat knows just where to stick.
Creating a jiggle and wiggle.
What a mean little trick!
If I could resist...
Never take that first bite.
I'd be home free for sure...
Let's go fly a kite?
But no...when I know chocolate's inside my house,
In my fridge, or my pantry...I'm like a small mouse!
I nibble and eat until OOPS it's all gone!
How'd that happen? I was really just gonna have ONE!
Or if I've made browies, a straight line has to show.
Can't handle a lone square in it's poor little row.
I even it out, one bite at a time,
Then row by row, they've all become mine!
How do I solve my love for choc-treats?
Something I've considered...but never taken the leap.
A fast from things sugar. GASP! Could it work?
Have any of YOU ever tried a fast from dessert?
A month without chocolate? A year? Just a day?
Everything in me is screaming YOU'RE CRAZY...NO WAY!
But I do love my body. I want it to be clean.
I've much mental power, but is that far too mean?
Advice, FitMePeeps...I need to know now!
I'm considering doing it. Want to join me somehow?
Discuss, people, I alone in all this?
I'm up for me commit!


Kara said...

Love the idea of giving up suger.
Know it would be best.
But I've never been successful.
You, however, be my guest!

Sarah E said...

Love your poem. You make me laugh. My name is Sarah and I'm a chocoholic. Just yesterday I decided to start my own sugar fast. I'm going to Hawaii in 104 days and I have vowed no sugar until I'm there. I can make it...right? I need a sugar-fast buddy to keep me going. Help me stay sugar free!

esherman10 said...

You're quite the poet, Robyn! Sorry, but I don't think I have enough self control for a sugar fast...good for you if you can do it, though. If anyone could do it, I know it would be you!

Lyenna said...

I think if you can do it GO FOR IT! I've tried it, but the reality is I love my sugar. It makes me feel wonderful for that one second,and yes the guilt inevitably settles in. However, if I stop, for an allotted time, when I get back on the band wagon I go crazy, and the purpose of the sugar fast was WHAT again? I know a few people who have made the committment for a lifetime, but me...I love my sugar. But don't listen to those "naysayers" I am positive that all of us have the ability to do what we set our minds to do. I say if you can run a marathon YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

GrandmaCathy said...

I'm so hooked on sugar, it's sad. I'd like to try it with you, if you're serious, tell me when we start and for how long?

Cindy said...

So true!!! I really struggle with the brownie thing, too! I'm not sure that I want to try a fast from sugar. Sugar is something that does make me feel happy at times! It would sure help the hips, though. I'll have to think about joining you in your fast from sugar ...

Jen said...

Hey Robyn,
I finally started following Fit Me Pink. I love this site. You are a fantastic writer and very creative. As a diabetic, I've tried the sugar fast a few times. Problem for me is... sometimes (when I get a low-blood sugar) I HAVE to have something with sugar in it. I usually go for a juice but every once in a while a candy bar or something will be the source.
However, it's a great thing to do, go sugar free! I just wish in our society that it were a more simple thing to do. People try to shove it down your throat at all types of holidays and birthdays. I think they feel guilty that you aren't partaking, so they give you a guilt trip about skipping out on sweets.
Good luck. Post about what you're doing and I'd love to give/have support for a sugar fast!

Kimberly said...

Robyn! I totally forgot about this post since you read it to me on the phone...but I love the poem! So, are we doing a sugar fast together??? I just ate 8 oreos...ay yay yay!

Jamie Parke said...

I am a huge sugar junkie but let me tell you it can be done. About 6 years ago I decided to give up all candy and desserts. The first few days are killer when all you do is think about what sugary treat you would like to be eating but can't. But honestly after just a few days your body adjusts and you don't think about it all day long anymore. At first it is complete will power but eventually you don't crave it. I was successfully sugar free and worked out 5 days a week for some months and I lost 20+ lbs. It was great but let me tell you what ruined it. Pregnancy!!!! Along with all the other ways it throws your body off it brought back huge sugar cravings for me!!

For me it is an all or nothing thing. I can't eat a little sugar. I eat the entire bag, box, pan, etc. The way to cut back is to cut it out, and throw it out. Seeing it is too tempting. The only way to start is to get rid of everything in my house.

I have been trying to do it again lately but my commitment has not been great so I am definitely in on a sugar fast! It does make a huge difference in the way I feel and look!