Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Killer Leg Workout...Downhill Skiing

Before two days ago, the last time I went skiing was 5 years ago. My husband and I were just dating, in the marriage-discussion mode. We (along with my younger brother) were taking a ski class together. If ONE thing almost caused an end to our courtship, it was this ski class. You see, when I get nervous/feel insecure/wish I could crawl instead of ski down a mountain, I get a bit snippy. Don't try giving me advice. Don't tell me what I'm doing wrong. I'll bite your head off. After one particular ski class, mi esposo vowed NEVER to go skiing with me again. But he did again the next week. And I tried really hard to be nice. I guess it worked, because he still has his head, and we're married!

When my brother suggested a President's-Day-Ski-Trip, I had mixed feelings. But in the end, I agreed to go...without promising to not sit in the ski lodge all day. But I faced some fears, didn't die, only muttered a few expletives to the passing snow boarders, got a great leg workout (from snow plowing all day), and actually had fun (I only entered the lodge to use the bathroom)! And as far as I can recall, I didn't bite anyone's head off. I took "suggestions" with grace (and appreciation). I guess motherhood has humbled this proud little girl a bit. Here are some of the thoughts overheard in my brain throughout the day...

  • Hmmm...the kids are with Grandma...let's go see a movie instead.

  • Breathe.

  • Count to 10.

  • Why does everyone on the ski lift insist on leaving the bar up?

  • Don't look down.

  • I'm going to DIE!

  • Oh crap. I thought this was a GREEN hill?!?!?! When did it turn blue?

  • And why is it so dang steep?

  • Maybe I should try cross-country skiing instead.

  • I'm going to fall...I'm going to fall...I'm going to FAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!

  • Wait for me, guys!

  • I'm coming!

  • No, I'm not going to go faster. I like going horizontally down the hill.

  • Just go ahead...I'll catch up...eventually!

  • Why does that 3-year-old look like that, and I look like this?

  • Woo hoo! I made it all the way down without falling once!

  • Can we go back to the bunny hill?

  • I feel really cool walking like a gangsta in my ski boots!

  • And why am I in charge of the camera, again? I can barely hold on to the they really expect me to be able to handle taking pictures?

And my favorite conversation of the day:

Husband (to my brother and his cute new girlfriend): Today will be a good test for your relationship. It sure was for ours!

Thanks, babe!

Do you ski? Are you as terrified of the lift as I am? What fears are you working to overcome?


Cindy said...

I've never been snow skiing in my life. Pretty sad, having lived in Utah for the past 13 years!

Erin said...

I LOVE skiing. I haven't been for 14 years. I guess I just think for $200 I could....and then the idea is over. I'm so glad you guys got to go! And yes, it's a MAJOR leg work out! (or bum workout if you accidentally take a wrong turn and end up on a black diamond and have to sit down the entire way!)

Christie said...

The Husband tried to teach me once in our early married days. I collapsed on the ground, started laughing, and COULD NOT get up. He was, shall we say, a little frustrated. I've never been again since. I didn't exactly enjoy it. I'm a lodge and hot chocolate kind of girl.

Kristin said...

A friend tried to teach me in high school and thought one time down the bunny hill was enough and I'd be good to go. Not so much. I couldn't even get on the lift without falling! They had to shut it down for me to get on! I should have taken it as a sign to stay in the lodge but instead I braved it and went down one run. It was awful!!! That was the end of my skiing career. Then Aaron was convinced he would teach me to snowboard after me got married. One day of that was enough. I'm not a snow sport girl.

Michael said...

I do ski, thanks for asking! The lift wasn't that scary until we got stuck in the middle of a wind/snow drift storm. At that point I really wanted the bar down. Once again, that's why I like Dear Valley...they have the insulated, heated, enclosed lifts...well, at least on one mountain.

Anonymous said...

I have never been skiing... I'm not much for the cold... But when I'm feeling insecure I definantly get a little snippy and well lets just say I'm a very prideful person I can't accept help! yeah I know I have to work on that! :)

esherman10 said...

Why didn't we ever go skiing together? It sounds like we'd have a great time together, taking our time getting down the hill. Don't get me wrong, I do love skiing, but like to take it at a slow, leisurely pace so I at least feel like I have some control. And don't even get me started on the ski lift...getting off that thing is my biggest skiing fear!

Diane said...

I remember taking Michael for the first time. We took a class and then went skiing. Michael was a natural. As for Dad and I.....not so much! I swear I've never been in so much pain in my life. My boots KILLED me! I saw all those people walking around like they were having fun and wondered how they could fake it so well. It was good to hear that your boots felt better this go round...maybe, just maybe I'll try it again. The lodge sounds pretty great though.

Trish&Heath said...

I just had to comment because I seem to be the odd ball out on this one. I LOVE to snowboard. I started skiing in 3rd grade and snowboarding my junior or senior year. In college I went 2 or 3 times a week. LOVE IT!! One thing I am constantly miffed about is that my husband told me he could snowboard, but we didn't go together until AFTER we were married and I was horrified to find out he was a BEGINNER! I basically refuse to go with him now because I won't spend $80 or more snowboarding at half speed. No fun for me. I know I am not very charitable, but I am frugal. Now I only go once a year or less, when I'm not prgo, nursing, and have a girl friend around who happens to snowboard too...

Trish&Heath said...

PS - skiing/snowboarding together should be part of some sort of premarital requirement.

Amber said...

I love skiing and have had more ski days this year than the last few combined. So glad you decided to hit the slopes. It's one of the greatest leg workouts out there!

Sarah E said...

Wahoo good job! Sounds like your ski trip when tons better than mine. We're supposed to go again here in a few weeks and I'm trying to muster up the mental strength. Last trip left a pretty big scar across my brain.