Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sugar Fast Shout Out

OK...it's time for a SHOUT OUT to a few of those going through (and surviving) a major breakup right now...with sugar!
First, Tina. On the fourth day of her sugar fast, she was "ready to lick her kids' faces clean from the sugar they were consuming." (Ha ha...me, too!) But now, she feels great! And has lost 8 pounds! YAY TINA!!!!
And here's another WOO-HOO for Sarah! Not only has she lost 7 pounds, but she is also considering the long term benefits of a sugar-in-moderation type life. She's steering herself away from the fate of many women in her family...diabetes! YAY SARAH!!!
Anyone else want to give yourself a shout out? Do it in the comments!
Here's mine...I haven't had chocolate in over a week! I Did It!


Diane said...

Wow! Those two have really lost that much weight?? That's amazing! I'm staying away from the scale right now. Beginning to work out regularly and avoiding sugar (yes, I'm not totally abstaining) is quite a challenge for me. This sugar fast has done one thing for me though...it has made me think about what I put in my mouth. Every time I go for the sugar, I think about all of you and it makes me really think about whether or not I really want it or not. Way to go everyone!

Oh, and I started reading the book too. I think it will be fun to read and refer back to often.

Tina said...

Way to go on the no chocolate! I don't think everyone is in the boat I am with being addicted but I also think everyone has something (even 1 thing) they could do or eat a little less often. I am just trying to follow the w of w and eat things in moderation. Occasionally I will eat sugar but when it is found in abundance, at a party or whatever, I have to say no because I see that if I don't, I just keep going back for more. Keep up the great work! And thanks for the uplifting blog! I love it!

Melissa said...

You and your followers are soooo good. I need to go on a sugar diet myself and come to this blog more often. I'm going to get back into things. Summer is coming someday.