Friday, March 6, 2009


I love peanut butter!
Let me count the ways.
I honestly eat it
every. single. darn. day.
Unlike other condiments,
spread it on as you please.
Hold the mayo. Hold the ketchup.
But not the PB!
When I'm pregnant,
can't resist it. It's the one thing I crave.
I go through it like water.
Addicted? It's my fave.
What about when I'm training
for a long, long, long run?
Forget gu! Me want sandwich!
PB & J gets it done!
Full of protein, good fats, vitamins B3 & E,
Not to mention loads of fiber. That alone pleases me!
Magnesium, folate,
antioxidants, time to say it...woo hoo!
Guilt-free pleasure full 'o flavor.
I really heart it. Do you?
High in fat, so yes...
moderation is best.
A little goes a long way.
I eat too much, I'll attest.
Have to say, I have tried
ev'ry brand in the store.
A PB connoisseur.
An expert. Hard core!
I always go for "all-natural,"
don't like the trans fat
in hydrogenated oil.
'Nuff said about that!
As for brands, have some thoughts.
Don't mind if I share!
Adams Natural PB?
Not my favorite out there.
The taste?'s fine.
It just ends up real dry.
By the end, hard to spread.
Nope, just doesn't fly.
Skippy natural? Love the taste.
Prob'ly cuz they add sugar!
On that count alone,
have to pass, sugar boogars!
Kirkland brand found at Costco
is actually one of the best
It's organic, spreads great,
tastes superb, passed my test!
But my number one favorite
(let the drum roll begin)
is the Smart Balance Peanut Butter!
It win-win-win-wins!
Besides spreading well, being natural,
tasting great,
Omega 3's have me screaming,
Yep! They raise my heart rate!
Love this PB so much,
with you, want to share!
TO THE WINNER, I will send
a FREE 16 oz. jar!
To be entered,
all I need is a comment below.
A random number will be chosen.
Act now, don't be slow!
A winner I'll announce on Wednesday, March 11th.
"SPREAD" the word. Tell your friends!
Two extra entries I'll grant.
Leave a comment for one entry.
Link on your blog for two more!
Then add two more wee comments,
and I'll tally the score.
What would you do with P-Butter?
Eat with chocolate on a spoon?
Spread on celery? Eat in oatmeal?
Fill up a balloon?
Let us know in the comments.
I hope you all win!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Peanut Butter!
Sure makes my face grin!


Christie said...

Do I get disqualified if my favorite place for peanut butter is with chocolate or in cookies?

Totally healthy. In bizarro world where I live.

esherman10 said...

You are so funny, Robyn! And quite a talented poet, too.

Lindy Merkley said...

Robyn, Robyn, Robyn, you're cracking me up! My favorite thing to do with peanut butter is give it to Marci and make her make me some yummy peanut butter balls. . . oh the joy. . .the pleasure. . . the divinity!

Missy said...

I like to mix it in vanilla ice cream, with all kinds of other stuff. I also like it on celery. I don't like PB and J, but I luuuuuuv Reeses.... does that count? I also like to eat it right out of the jar. So do my kids, every one of them.

GrandmaCathy said...

I'm a Reeces fan and a pb cookies fan, but just straight . . . . I'll leave that to you and Larry (Dad). I'll admit it's got to be pretty good for you.

Evelyn and Art said...

I love, love, love peanut butter too. I just don't eat it as much because it's so fattening... it's one of the things I cut out a long time ago... boo! But, nothing beats a yummy smashed banana and peanut butter (mixed together first) sandwich!! I think I'll go have one right now!!

Aly said...

I love peanut butter too! Of course lately it goes into my chocolate smoothies;) is a really good entertainer for Sofia when I want her to stay in her chair for a few extra minutes to get other things done! I just put some on a spoon for her and she is completely sidetracked for atleast another 5 minutes licking that spoon.

Aly said...

P.S. I'll say it are SOOO FUNNY and SOOO TALENTED!!! I love, love, love your poems, they're like reading a Dr. Suess book:)

Tami H. said...

you should definitely make that peanut butter poem into a childrens book! I am NOT joking. I can picure it now with illustrations of the creations and ways you used your peanut butter.

As a kid it was great with vanilla ice cream, and mixed with melted chocolate!

Now, to be a little healthier, instead of a PB sandwich, I put trader joes natural peanut butter on trader joe rice cakes. Mmmmm, Abby and I love them. I mix a little probiotic into Abby's.

Garr and Jennie said...

I didn't know anyone else loved Peanut Butter as much as I do! My husband thinks I am weird! HI! I found you on a friends blog. I eat PB off the spoon, with jelly on bread, in cookies and with chocolate. If I have a plain chocolate bar, I pull out the PB and spread it on - YUM YUM!!

Jill said...

I also love PB. Unfortunately, I love it best with chocolate!

Kandis Mortensen said...

Hmmmmm, I love PB on toast, in my cookies, in granola bars, in my hair (courtesy of Brooks!), and ALWAYS with some chocolate! You are brilliant!
Can I pay you to write an amazing poem for me one day???!!

Diane said...

Very clever!!! You know you love peanut butter when you buy it even when there's a salmonella scare. I could probably live on peanut butter and cold cereal.

Diane said...

I made it sound like I eat peanut butter with cold cereal. Hmmmm...maybe I should try it.

Babe in Boysland said...

Look Robyn! I'm here!

I definitely want to fill a balloon with peanut butter. Hahaha! I love your poem!

I'm a big fan of the Kirkland Signature PB too. My favorite. I dare you to choose me and make me switch to Smart Balance.

Trish&Heath said...

We go through gallons of PB a month at my house. I've never tried the natural kind, though I know it's better for you. Very informative post...I mean poem.

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Hi Robin - its me - Tami's sis Bonnie - don't know if you remember me. Anyway, thought I would chime in - I make PB in our vitamix, but I grind up flax seeds with the PB to give it Omega 3s and its makes it a better consistency and better taste too.

Also - a shout out for a fellow fitness and nutrition blog that I have -

Your blog is pretty fun - I check it out every Sunday!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

WHOOPS - I mean

DUH!! :)