Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Sailing Away...

In the morn' I leave for a trip out to sea.
We're leaving the kids...hip hooray and whoopee!
Some sleep I must get. 'Bout a year's worth I'd say.
I'll come back refreshed, and ready to play.
Time away from the kids should help me love more.
I'll be ready to read, and to sing, and adore.
I know they'll be fine, but I can't help but worry.
But no time for that...I'm in a big hurry!
Bags to pack, plane to catch...I've just a few hours!
When it comes time to travel, I need Super Powers!
Packing...not a fan. I dread getting ready.
Workout? No need! Packing leaves me sweaty!
I'm hoping I don't come home with disease.
Swine flu pandemic? Why now? Oh puh-lease!
Our itinerary...all new from the one that we booked.
Our excursions? We cancelled. Swine flu's the new crook.
To Mexico, go we not. Virgin Islands instead!
No more Belize, just Bahamas, they said.
I'm sure we'll be fine. A Cruise is a Cruise.
A week with no could we possibly lose?
As for you, fit me readers, be sure to check in.
I've not left you blog-less, much to your chagrin?
Blog posts galore are coming your way.
Check in all week to read what's to say.
Leave a comment or two, help me adjust back to life.
As a mother of two, and a homemaker wife.
Not quite as charming as life on a boat.
But I'm sure I will miss you as we stay afloat!
Keep on working out, and eating good stuff.
I'm gonna need motivation to work off new fluff.
A eating I'll do...pretty much guaranteed.
And working out to lose it is just what I'll need.
But until then, my friends. Come back, pretty please!
Sayonara! Until then! Wish me luck! Smell the breeze!

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