Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Working Out While Injured

Hi there! You're still checking this abandoned blog? Well, to everyone who's still reading, rather than explain where I've been, let me direct you here. Yes, our house has been full...of kids, vomit, and a poor, crying baby with a broken arm. An amazing baby who can't talk, but knows how to continue living her life to the fullest with a pretty significant injury. Here's what she's taught me:
  1. Pain should NOT be ignored! Pain is the indicator of an injury. If you experience pain while working out (or crawling), stop. Cry. Don't use the injured body part until you figure out what is wrong! The old adage "no pain, no gain" does NOT apply. Discomfort while working out is OK, pain is not!
  2. Consult a doctor. Just because your parents, gym buddies, friends, etc. think it's probably "just a bruise," doesn't mean that it is. If you're experiencing true pain, get a professional opinion!
  3. Modify! If it hurts to crawl on your hand, try the forearm. Don't continue working through the could make it worse!
  4. Avoid overuse injury. Landing too hard in a simple fall can cause a buckle fracture in the arm. Likewise, training errors, such as running too far, too fast, too soon can cause overuse injury in a runner. The feet have to absorb 110 tons of energy with every mile run, so don't do more than your body can handle!
  5. Cross-train. If crawling hurts your arm, try taking a few steps with your legs! Walking may seem harder at first, but you may just find that you prefer it! If the doctor tells you to stop running for a while, try swimming or cycling! A new love affair may emerge.
  6. Listen to your body. When you're ready and healed, get moving! Your body knows best!


Cindy said...

Great advice! Advice that I need to follow.

Diane said...

It's so funny how kids compensate. Avery is so cute crawling on her forearm. She doesn't complain either. Can you imagine if one of us had a cast on our arm? That would be reason enough for me to stay off my feet for a while! Good advice! I just wish the professionals could tell me where this pain in my butt is coming from!!!