Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer fun: Sweating Outdoors AND Indoors with the "COOLKEEPER" program!

I was laying in my bed just the other night,
Thinking of summer and her many delights.
Swimming, playing, being kissed by the sun.
I truly love summer...the sweat and the fun.
I often am out in the sun and the heat.
Nothing's more glorious than coming in for retreat.
The sun gets so hot, the AC is my friend.
Without a cooling system, the heat NEVER ends.
A few years ago, I lived without cool.
My baby boy and I sweat enough for a pool!
Happy wife? Sad to say, my DH did NOT have.
The heat makes me cranky. Don't come near...I might stab!
Who invented the swamp cooler? Well, he had no brain.
It worked nary a day in this house we'd attained.
Central air, we conceded, of necessity we'd buy.
Not 'til Fall, when on sale. I suffered through August and July!
Then all winter long, I waited and prayed
For the HOT days ahead when inside I'd stay!
So a year ago, summer was glorious indeed.
I'd sweat, I'd melt, then crank the air 'til I'd freeze!
As summer rolled in, this great year of '09,
My plan was the same. We'd survive summer just fine.
Until one day last week...we had a few guests.
The hottest day yet, the AC failed the test!
Cranky-me, feeling sweaty, upon hubby's return home
Nearly tackled him as he walked through the door, mouth a-foam!
The husband calmly replied in his matter-of-fact voice,
"Today must be the 1st day they used the 'cool keeper' device."
He went on to explain that dear Rocky Mountain Power,
Could turn our AC off at peak times...hour after hour.
Supposedly most customers don't notice the change.
But my 3-year old noticed. And he sure did complain!
So I'm helping conserve energy, and not liking it one bit.
I'm a baby, I know. I completely threw a big fit!
But I feel sorta guilty saying, "Please take it off!"
That little signal receiving device, it's ticking me off.
Stop turning off my air when I want it back on!
I paid money to be cool...the heat is making me yawn
...and yell and complain and be ornery at best.
Can I survive this through August? That will be the test!
At least it gets cool when peak hours have ended.
I can crank the air up when the sun has descended.
And I can spend all my days in the cool of the shade.
We can swim, run through sprinklers, and drink lemonade.
Guess that's what I get for actually becoming somewhat green.
Today I bought cloth diapers...I'm an environmental machine!
How about you? Do you enjoy doing good for the earth?
Sure, I hate global warming, but AC has great worth!
I'm kind of on the fence. At least I'm trying my best.
But this summer in the heat will be a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE test!


Evelyn and Art said...

Coolkeeper Program.... so not cool! Sorry for your suffering!

Niki Carpenter said...

I totally feel for you!! I don't think I would allow I cool-keeper program in our house. If it's not at least 79 degrees in our house at all times in the summer, I freak out. The heat makes me tired, cranky, sweaty, ect. too. I hope you make it til August :)

Carrie said...

Wow, a hot house and cloth diapers all at once, GO ROBYN!!

Erin said...

Wow. You must really like the environment more than me. Nothing and I do mean NOTHING could convince me to get cloth diapers...oh unless I'm using them for burp cloths...but that's it.

So sorry you are suffering in this heat! Matt wanted to try that program too and I said, well it doesn't really matter to you much because you aren't in the house all day like me! I win. We keep the house set at 74. Any hotter and my arm freeeeaks out.

You are welcome to my ice-house anytime for cooling!

Lyenna said...

Green Shmeen! Global Warming can Suck it!:) I wanna feel cool when i wanna feel cool! And I did cloth diapers for a day and said HELL NO! Once the poop came... it was over!

Cindy said...

No... we won't ever install the Not-so "CoolKeeper" on our AC. You are a good woman for keeping it. I would have had them remove it by the end of the week! :)