Thursday, September 3, 2009

Will Exercise Make You Fat?

According to the cover story in TIME magazine, exercise won't make you thin. SWEET! Time to throw away my new running shoes, and buy a box of donuts then! Right? The article explains that exercise actually makes us hungrier, so we eat more after than we would had we never worked out. Interesting...but I'm still not convinced.
I'm not a dietician, or a physician. I'm a runner. I'm a daily exerciser. I'm a personal trainer. On occasion, I'm a group fitness instructor. I'm a fit-me-blogger. And I'm a FIRM believer in using exercise as part of a weight management regimen.
It's true that I'm often hungrier after a strenuous workout. And yes--I probably eat more than I would have otherwise. And yes--I often feel entitled to a treat or two or four because I exercised. And yes--I probably often eat more than I actually expend calorie-wise. And yes--even with all the working out I do, I still have some pounds to shed that haven't come off since the birth of Baby #2.
But...I would NEVER give up exercise to solve my weight issues. Just as my body has slowly adapted to running long distances, I know I could train my body (and brain) to eat the right amount of food. I'm healthier, happier, have more energy, and avoid becoming Monster Mom with my regular workouts! And I have seen changes in my body that would NEVER have happened without exercise. So take that, TIME magazine. Don't believe everything you read!
How has exercise helped you in your weight management?


Rachel Corbett said...

They'll say anything for a headline! That's just silliness! However, according to Caleb it's true. This morning he asked me why I don't exercise anymore. To which I replied "Actually, I do. Every day. You're just at school now, so you don't see it anymore." He says "Oh, cause your arms are kind of chubby" Thanks buddy.

Allie said...

I actually largely agree with that article. I have run 2 1/2 marathons this summer. I workout every day (hard work outs. Good 60-90 min cardio) and I was gaining weight. It was not until the past month when I started eating better that I actually lost weight. I thought the article was more saying that you can't just use exercise to loose weight-that food is HUGE when it comes to staying thin. I definitely think working out can tone and shape us and obviously helps maintain our weight and keep us healthy, I don't think exercise alone makes us thin.

Evelyn and Art said...

Boo Time Magazine... kiss it Time Magazine! Everyone knows the only way to maintain or lose weight is to exercise AND eat healthy! That's the only way to do it. I can imagaine that if you only work out and still eat whatever you want when you want you're going to gain weight! I use exercise (when I do it) to feel better about myself and to have a treat once in awhile! Of course you eat more when you excercise, you just have to eat the right things and drink tons of water... it helps curb some of that appetite when excercising, I've found. Anyway, here's to getting back to exercise soon! Woo hoo!

Aly said...

EXERCISING doesn't make ANYONE's the person shoving the food in excess quantities (and calories) into their pie hole!!

After a good evening workout, I am usually more in the mood for a refreshing protein shake NOT a big heavy I guess for me it somehow makes me eat healthier. If I go in the mornings I would probably be more likely to eat more in the evening, but not for several hours after my workout.

Aubrey said...

exercise itself doesn't make you fat, but it also doesn't make me skinny. i didn't lose a single pound training for and running a marathon because i justified eating things i shouldn't. i heard someone once say that weight loss is 90% eating and 10% exercise. I kind of believe it.