Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why does he keep running?

I'm sitting at the computer listening to two beautiful sounds...the first (and my FAVORITE): the sound of silence. The second: the sound of the washing machine. This would normally not be at the top of my list of favorite sounds, but tonight it is because it's pre-VACATION laundry! We're going on a mini-vacation this weekend to visit my sister who is having Baby #4 in a week, AND because my husband is running his 10th MARATHON (or 11th? hmmmm...not sure)!

I love my husband dearly, but when it comes to races, he both amazes me and irritates the heck out of me! You would think that by his 10th marathon (or 11th), he would have his training down to a science. You would think he would have his eating down to a science. You would think the fresh fruit I put in a nice fruit bowl on his desk at work would get eaten. You would think he would decide against providing a chili dog luncheon at work two days before the race. You would think he would remember how miserable he was during the last marathon that he didn't train for . YOU WOULD. THINK.

My husband ran his first marathon 7 years ago, and has yet to beat his time! He came close one year...within 2 seconds, but his first marathon was his fastest. We were dating at the time (well...sort of...we hadn't even held hands yet!) I sent him with a little "good luck" basket, and thought that anyone who could run 26.2 miles was amazing and stupid. The furthest I'd ever run was 3 miles! Little did I know that the next year I would be running alongside him in my first race ever! I didn't start with a wimpy 5K, oh no. I started with 26.2 miles. And let me tell you, it kicked my trash! I actually semi-trained for that race, although looking back, training for a marathon while planning a wedding, getting married, and living in newlywed bliss didn't really count as good training. I'm probably more prepared now to run a marathon after having a baby than I was then. But I tried!

My husband HONESTLY hasn't tried this time. The race is on Saturday, and he seriously ran TWICE in the month of September. On Labor Day, we ran in a 5K race, and last week I think he ran 8 or so miles. His life has been pretty crazy-busy, and I really don't know when he would have fit in running. He's not one to sacrifice sleep for a good workout like me, and when you're not putting it on the calendar, consciously planning when you're going to run, it's not going to happen. And happened it has not (thanks, Yoda).

In the past few weeks, we've had several conversations like this:
ME: Soooooo...are you really going to run that marathon next week?
HUSBAND: Yeah, why not.
ME: Well, you know you don't have to.
HUSBAND: Why wouldn't I?
ME: Maybe the fact that you've run less than 26 miles in the past 3 months?
HUSBAND: Oh yeah....that.
ME: So should we just forget about it?
HUSBAND: But it kills me to think I paid for it if I don't run!
ME: But you paid for it whether you run or not...the money's GONE, and I'd really love to have you alive. We could always drive down and get the shirt if you want...since you paid for it!
HUSBAND: Nah...I'll just run!
ME: Well do you think you can fit it even one long run?
HUSBAND: We'll see.
So I'm going to be the super-excited-supportive-spectator-wife, but this is the last time. Seriously! I think he really doesn't train just to bug me! From now on, I'm going to be the one signing up for marathons, and he can watch and worry! And if I don't train, I'm totally happy with a free t-shirt! I might be scooping him up off the side of the road at mile 13. And my kids will definitely wonder why daddy forgot how to walk! Wish us luck, and pray that I come home with a husband!
For you runners out there, do you train? Would you run just because you paid $90? Or do you feel like's a sunk cost, so why kill yourself?


Anna said...

I'm am laughing out loud right now, this is too funny! Good luck with surviving the weekend, I can't wait to hear the outcome :)

Art and Evelyn said...

Ah man, Joe makes me so crazy nervous!! (My hubby's on the other end of the spectrum and that makes me crazy nervous too!) Hope he does great and I hope y'all have fun!

RunningDiary said...

Wow I thought that I was bad. I've only done one run a week along with Crossfit. My marathon is at the end of the month, and I have only gone as far as 13.1. Good luck to you both, and don't forget to pack the post race advil.

esherman10 said...

I didn't know he was running the marathon this time. We were there at my parent's house and my boys went with them this morning to cheer on my sister in law!

Rachelle said...

He is training?!?!? My running buddy is part of the group Marathon Maniacs - she earned her place there - and she is trying to get me to train for one with her and I feel intimidated to even train for one. That being said...I would run the race if I paid the $$, even if I wasn't trained or ready. Although, it sounds like I might be more ready for marathon than he was...I at least try to run 20+ miles a week...

Heather and Jake said...

haha that's funny. a chili dog lunch 2days before? Gross. Hopefully he survived and you had fun being the spectator wife! I, being a tightwad along with Jake, would want to try to run after paying for the race. Hope you had a good mini vacation!

Michael said...

Crazzzy. I still don't ever plan on running that far. I have no desire.

Aubrey said...

Yesterday morning Joe told me he's rarely ready but always willing. That must count for something. I would probably be going crazy too if he was my husband but since he's my friend's husband I say if he can pull it off then good for him. He kicked my butt that's for sure.

Jer + Lu said...

Crazy, for sure. I can't believe he does that every time! I HAVE to train. I'd hate to throw away the money too, but starting + not finishing would be even worse, right? I did a century bike race without training very well. I finished, but it was HELL. I hurt SO bad + was [this close] to tears-- and I am NOT a crier, mind you. Anyway, can't wait to hear how he did... Sounds like your crazy cousin finished decent without training either! Boys....

Kristin said...

I'm currently training for my first HALF-MARATHON in Nov. Being a newbie, there is no way I'm going to run a race untrained. And being a tight wad, there's no way I'm going to miss a race that I've paid for already. Maybe after I've run 10 marathons, I can afford to be stupid too. I'll let you know! :)

Bree said...

I was actually just thinking about Race money during church today! Oops. I must have been distracted. What is the reason for wanting to pay $90 for a relay race... and then paying more for other races that seem appealing? For some reason, I do it. :) And I'm determined to train better this year but promise I would NOT eat a chili dog 2 days before. Yikes! :)