Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marathon Training Week 2

Last week I posted my schedule for the first week of my 16-week marathon training schedule. If nothing else, blogging about my schedule at least made me feel slightly more guilty for the miles I...errrr...didn't run. Actually, I feel like I'm off to a pretty good start. I ran 33 miles total, but didn't run on Saturday (my scheduled long run). I could have fit it into my day if I'd gotten up at o-dark-thirty aka 5:00 in the morning, but by Saturday, I was tired. Who am I kidding? I'm always tired.

Last Tuesday was my second-child's third birthday. I'm actually really sad to say goodbye to her 2's. I would enjoy having a two-year old in the family for the rest of my life if he or she were as great as this 2-year old girl was. I have a feeling, however, that the 3's are going to be a whole new experience with this one. My sweet-angelic-obedient-perfect child is slowly turning into miss-independent-with-attitude-so-don't-mess-with-me-cuz-I'm-a-big-3-year-old girl. Yikes! My ever-present lack of planning led us on an impromptu trip to Build-A-Bear for the birthday celebration. We were feeling pretty brilliant as we drove home with two happy new-bear-creator-kids (and a bear-less-happy-baby...I love the ignorance phase before they realize how unfair life is!) The older two went to bed with their bears tucked away snug in their "homes." The un-planned birthday was a success, the kids were asleep, life was happy.

Until 2 am. I heard whispers. I saw lights. I walked into the bedroom and found two kids WIDE AWAKE playing with their new creations. I yelled. They got back in bed and the lights went back off. Then the baby woke up. I soothed her. She went back to sleep. The house was quiet. Until there were whispers again. And lights. And bears. The husband yelled. I threatened throwing the new bears away from my room. The husband got back in bed. We laughed. By 3:30 am, everyone was finally asleep. Until 6 am when the whispers started again. Lights were on, the bears were awake. We decided that they'd waited long enough to play with their new creations, so up we were.

Seven months of not sleeping through the night really starts to wear on a girl. But the baby is actually the easy one to get back to sleep. When the other two are thrown into the mix, I'm on the verge of becoming Monster Mom any second. Exhaustion and long runs are actually counter-productive in my mind (or at least that's how I justify skipping a run or two)! So this week, I'm hoping for more sleep, and longer runs. I also hope to make it outside a time or two...running 12-miles on the treadmill wasn't my favorite. I'm all for running outside in the cold, but it has to be at least in the 30's. I'm a California girl, not a fan of cold blustery weather. (And not a fan of the winter process of getting the kids out the door! Summer is so much easier...they can put on their own sandals, we don't need coats, we're out in 5 seconds. Winter-time feels like a 30-minute process just to get out the door and into the freezing car!) Hooray for the early-predicted Spring thanks to Punxsutawney Phil!

I'm excited about this week's schedule...if you're following along, here it is:
MONDAY: INTERVAL--8 to 11 miles, 1-mile-2-mile-1-mile at slightly slower than 10K effort, 4 and 7 minutes recovery
TUESDAY: Distance--5 to 8 miles
WEDNESDAY: Tempo run--6 to 8 miles (running 15-minutes mid-run at marathon tempo)
THURSDAY: Distance-- 4 to 6 miles
FRIDAY: Distance--4 to 6 miles
SATURDAY: Long Distance--14 to 16 miles, steady, easy-paced

Happy running! What are your fitness plans for the week?


Bree said...

Girlfriend I feel embarrassed to even mention my weak fitness plans to you, since I'm signed on to your Ragnar team! Truth is... I'm still dragging my feet and trying to get back into the "post-holiday" groove. I know. It's February and a month has already gone by since New Years'. Ugh. I feel gross! But this week has to be it, or I will completely fall apart. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. Literally. :)

Grandma Hand said...

Oh my gosh Robyn, you are really into this fitness thing but 14 to 16 miles isn't that just a bit much. You are really my hero so don't overdo it PLEAZZZZ. I do hope to see you and I really do hope to see Kimberly's home and I would really love to hold baby Jack!! Love ya lots

Maylene said...

Robyn! I was laughing at your last post :) I'm not quite into the food thing that much but you really must have the best husband. Mark would never allow stuff like that. He was suspicious of the home-made granola I sent with him for snacks a few weeks ago. I am so sad I am not going to be able to do Ragnar. I have had such a hard time motivating myself lately to run and I could so use a dose of hanging out with real friends (even if only for a few days).

Jill said...

I've found that I really don't like training so much for races because then I have less time for strength training. So right now I'm running about 25-28 miles per week with strength training every day (alternating lower & upper body) and some daily core moves. I've also finally decided to give swimming a try, which has been fun but embarrassing as I've never swam before. I swim once a week in place of running and a have a complete rest day once a week. By the way, I'm glad you're back with your blog, and I hope your nephew continues to do well.