Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marathon Training Weeks 4 and 5

Whoops...somehow a quick trip to California, and the Happiest Place on Earth (but not the warmest place on least not last week...hello rain and cold and Mickey ponchos for the whole family!) got me a bit behind in my posting. However, a few days off running (due to the quick vacation, a sore throat, pink eye, and some other weird eye rash) made me sort of re-evaluate my plan. Even after several consecutive days of not running, my legs were still sore. I'm afraid if I keep this crazy pace up, I'm going to end up with a stress fracture or other injury. So...I'm going to continue posting my schedule, but I'm probably not going to stick to it 100%! A few little tweaks will hopefully get me to the starting line healthy and happy.

After talking to lots of fellow runners, apparently I found the hardest training schedule out there! Probably not meant for me...probably meant for the 10-year Boston Marathoners...or even the one-time Boston runners. My first and only marathon was over six years ago BEFORE three babies each lived inside of my body for 10 months!

I'm not saying I'm going to give up completely, but each week I'm going to probably skip an easy run and substitute it with a spin class. Also, my Saturday long runs have been killing me (after teaching an hour of Zumba). I'm also just having a hard time giving up so much of my family day! So early-Friday-mornings will be my long-run day, and Saturdays will be a nice, easy run day (if I decide to run at all...let's be honest!)

For the integrity of the training schedule, however, I will continue to post it as is. Please tweak it to fit your own individual needs/level!

Monday: Interval--7 to 9 miles, 5 x (1,000m) at 10K pace, 2 minutes recovery
Tuesday: Distance--4 to 7 miles
Wednesday: MLR--9 to 10 miles
Thursday: Distance--4 to 7 miles
Friday: Tempo--6 to 8 miles, (1 x 15 minutes, and 1 x 10 minutes @ marathon tempo, 5 minutes recovery)
Saturday: Long Distance--12 to 14 miles, easy, long run

Monday: Interval--8 to 10 miles, 3 x (2,000m) at 10K pace, 3 minutes recovery
Tuesday: Distance--5 to 8 miles
Wednesday: Tempo--7 to 9 miles, 1 x 20 minutes at marathon tempo
Thursday: Distance--5 to 8 miles
Friday: Tempo--4 to 6 miles
Saturday: Long Distance--15 to 18 miles, running middle 3 at marathon tempo
Happy training! When I get a free-not-running-or-zumba-ing-or-mothering minute, I have lots to blog about! Especially a cleanse my husband and I are (sort of) doing, and my new blender love! And maybe about how the Master Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland is actually worth the cost of your ticket if you have any little boys in your life... See you soon!


Aubrey said...

I didn't want to burst your running bubble so I didn't say anything, but I'm glad you've re evaluated your training schedule. A little less will probably get you just as ready and hopefully not so worn out. Also I want to hear about the cleanse.

runningfromthecouch said...

I just completed a half marathon in January 2011. I have never completed a full marathon. You are an inspiration to me no matter what training schedule you follow!