Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strained Hip Flexor/Iliopsoas...Marathon Training Week 9

It seems sort of silly that I'm still posting my training schedule, considering I'm actually taking a break from running this week. I know...I've said I'm taking a break before, but this time I mean it. I'm pretty sure I was more prepared to run my marathon BEFORE I started training. About three weeks ago, I was doing some interval training, and by the time I was done, I could barely walk. Apparently, a hip flexor strain is a common running injury. For me, it's a first. I don't like it. I've been trying to work through it, but I think it's making it worse. I'm frustrated with my body, but oh well. It is what it is. I guess it's an excuse to enjoy some of my other neglected favorite forms of exercise! I'm cross training, and calling a physical therapist tomorrow. But if you're here looking for a running schedule, here ya go! Wish I was doing it, too!

MONDAY: Interval- 8 to 10 miles, 3 x (800-600-400-200m), at 5K-10K pace, 1 minute recovery, 3-5 minutes between sets
TUESDAY: Distance- 4 to 6 miles
WEDNESDAY: Tempo- 8 to 10 miles, 2 x 15 minutes at marathon tempo, 5 minutes recovery
THURSDAY: Distance- 4 to 6 miles
FRIDAY: Distance- 3 to 7 miles
SATURDAY: RACE! 10-13 miles

Any advice for an injured runner? Let me know...and have a great week! I'm exhausted...but I'll be back soon with more exciting things to say!


Allie said...

I totally feel your pain! 2 summers ago I ran 3 1/2 marathons and at the end could barely move. I had the same injury! I did physical therapy for awhile and it did get better. My p.t. Said I was making it worse because I would run on it and eventually almost numb the pain and then hurt like crap when I was done, but still do it again the next day! Good for you for going to therapy now! I hope it gets better soon!

Tami H. said...

Robyn, as a PT I have been cringing reading your posts about sore hip flexors and then hearing about you truding on with 13 milers!!! Stretch the front of your hips, a lot! Do cross train, side to side movements, treadmill backwards, you might be able to do eliptical backwards. But , rest from running! good luck!

Maylene said...

I can't believe you can keep on going like you do. First of all, I would never be able to get up that early just to run (or to do anything else for that matter :) I hope you feel better soon. I read your last post about falling on the pavement. Yikes! That sounded so painful. But you are such an inspiration. I'm trying to get back into running, right before it turns to hot to do much of anything and this was exactly what I needed to read. I should be able to pull a few miles off if you can get up that early to suffer through 15 and then go home to three kids! Anyway, I hope you enjoy some cross-training and rest before the big race!

Jer + Lu said...

Yikes! So sorry for your injury, especially with an upcoming marathon :( I pulled my hip flexor for the first time last year too. I took 2 months off from running (did aerobics, swimming, + biking), took a ton of ibuprofen, and STRETCHED my hip flexors SEVERAL times a day (just google the stretches). When I started running again, it still hurt for a few weeks, but I got through it. Now I'm a dedicated hip stretcher before + after EVERY run + I haven't had a problem since. Good Luck!!