Sunday, September 7, 2008


My husband recently told me that I never make anything he likes anymore. My garbanzo- bean chocolate chip cookies, canned-pumpkin pancakes, and carrot puree tuna fish aren't quite hitting the mark. His favorites (that he asks for every time I ask what he wants included on the menu--to which I always say, "no") include a dish his family calls "Stuff." The main ingredients? Full-fat cream cheese, full-fat sour cream, loads of cheese, ground beef, spaghetti sauce, white pasta, and a few others all mixed together to form the "stuff." So yummy, creamy, fatty and well, stuff-y. He likes most of the healthy things I make, but makes it his lot in life to complain. My husband who will eat anything is turning into a food-scrutinizing-what-sort-of-weird-vegetable-did-you-unsuccesfully-try-to-conceal-in-my-hamburger-I-don't-like-it-at-all kind of guy. I tell him I'm saving him thousands in future medical bills.

I really do believe that healthy eating can be enjoyable. I'm not orthorexic by any standard. I eat plenty of things some would consider "toxic." Meat. Processed foods. Cookies. Cake. Which reminds me of a poem I recently wrote for a low-cal snack foods contest on this blog.

I love cupcakes.
I love cake.
I love cookies.
I love shakes.
I love white bread.
Yes, I do.
The problem comes,
When it's time to...poo!
Hemorrhoids are my curse in life,
So high fiber foods I must bite.
But as long as I eat enough good stuff,
I still have room for what I love!

Anyway, sorry for the somewhat embarrassing digression. Back to the REAL reason for this post.

I am really not going to change my quest for a healthy lifestyle for me or my family. But I need help! About a year ago, our cousin did a recipe contest on her blog. A few of the healthy meals my husband loves came as a result (including the winning salsa chicken burritos and a white bean chicken chili). But we need more. So, we're having a FIT ME PINK HEALTHY RECIPE CONTEST!

Here are the rules...
  1. Send us up to two of your FAVORITE "healthy" recipes. We'll use the term "healthy" loosely. Send us recipes YOU consider healthy (low fat, low cal, high fiber, lots of veggies, fruit, whatever.) Send us stuff that you've actually made and loved. Your tried and true recipes. (Note: You can send as many recipes as you want, but only two will be considered for the contest...let us know which ones are the best!)
  2. Let us know if we can share these recipes on our blog.
  3. You can email the recipes to, or leave your recipe in the comments.
  4. Tell your friends
  5. Send them by next Monday, September 15th.

Depending on how many recipes we get, this may take a while. But it will be worth the wait! Between both of us (Kimberly and Robyn), we will try each and every recipe we receive. We will determine the winner based on taste, how easy it is to prepare, whether it's really "healthy", whether our families enjoyed it as much as we did, etc. We will have AT LEAST three winners, and possibly more if we really can't decide which ones are the best. As for now, however, the FIRST PLACE WINNER will receive a $20 Visa Gift Card (to spend however you want!) and the SECOND PLACE WINNER will receive a custom vinyl wall lettering phrase from Starpansie Designs! And just for submitting a recipe, you will be entered into a drawing for another undecided will be good!

So SEND US YOUR RECIPES, people! Ones that my husband will beg for...that will replace his desire for artery-clogging "stuff"!


Erin said...

Oh them Gadd boys!!! Matt is the same way. I finally broke down and made the "stuff". It had been so long since he'd had it, he actually didn't like it anymore. Personally, I think it looks, tastes and smells like puke. But that's just me. And Kid's Favorite dish...ewe!!!

I've learned to not tell anyone that I'm using fat free's all in the head you know!

I love the recipe idea. I'll have to send you some... But will you post all the recipes you get?? Maybe link over to another blog...Fit me pink recipes or something!
I could sure use some more ideas too....but can they please be quick, easy and require little to no effort? I know, that's pushing it!

Christie said...

I just sent you a recipe! Hope you like it.

Love the poem.

Kimberly said...

I can't wait to try some of these new recipes!

Annie said...

Robyn, No blog that you contribute to would be complete without talking about poop! Hee Hee!

I will send in my recipe:)

Annie said...

Sorry! That was Aly NOT Annie!

Melissa said...

Seriously, that poem made my day. It is hilarious. Same problems in this house with the girls. The boys don't usually have constipation problems. I'll send my recipes soon. I've got some good.

The Beadles said...

YEAH!! I go through this on a weekly, no, daily basis!
Mine is not so much a recipe as an idea.
1 cup of each kind of fruit your heart desires, but, if you put only ONE handful of veggies in it no one can taste it! Now don't go over-the-top, it's one handful for every cup of fruit. And it's not a grab-all-you-can-in-this-handfull. Place it in the blender and make it like a smoothie. You can add frozen yougurt or just some vanilla fat free yougurt. Don't add sugar, but do add honey to taste. Hopefully it works for you, cause in my family, everyone drinks their veggies.

Brooke said...

So, we're not the healthiest eaters around here either, but here is a recipe that all of us love.
Chicken enchilada soup
2 chicken boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 can black beans
1 c salsa
1 can rotel (mexican)tomatoes
1 can chopped green chilies
1 8 oz can tomato sauce
put all in a crockpot and cook all day (about 8 hours). If you want to make it a little un-healthier, add low fat sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and crushed tortilla chips. But trust me, it is delicious without these! I didn't use measurements for the cans of stuff because you can really add as much or as little as you want of everything. It really can't be screwed up.

My other favorite recipe is for whole wheat bread:
1 1/2 C. hot water
1/8 c. honey
1/4 c. applesauce
1 tsp salt
2 tsp yeast
3 c. whole wheat flour
mix all ingredients together, and rise . Put in loaf pan, let rise again. Bake 30 min.
So, SO good!

What A Card said...

Oh boy, I'm so excited to find your blog (thank you for stopping by mine). I love recipes, and I love cooking healthy. Well, I love cooking not healthy as well (in fact, I have an awesome zucchini brownie recipe that I don't think can be called "healthy" by any stretch, even if I like to pretend that since it has zucchini in it, it must be healthy). I've got to think about what to submit. Oh, I have to hurry!