Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Workout of the Week--BLAST 300-500 CALORIES in 40-50 Min.

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I am a total treadmill junkie! Just thinking about running makes my heart skip a beat. There is nothing like listening to your favorite playlist while blasting calories!

For your enjoyment and workout pleasure, here are a few of my favorite songs and favorite workouts to help you get in shape, hit the pavement (or in my case--the treadmill), and blast some serious calories!!

Bye Bye--Mariah Carey
Check On It--Beyonce & Slim
Dance Like There's No Tomorrow--Paula Abdul
Girlfriend--Avril Lavigne
Johnny and June--Heidi Newfield
Love Like This--Natasha Bedingfield
No Air--Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks


These treadmill workouts are designed to blast 300 to 500+ calories in about 40 to 50 minutes. Choose from one of three levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and pick either a high-impact run or a low-impact speed walk on an incline. Don't have access to a treadmill? Do the same program outside on flat or hilly terrain. Follow your cardio workout with 5 to 10 minutes of stretching for your shoulders, chest, hips, glutes and legs.
Level 1

0:00-5:00: Warm up, 3.5 mph, 0% (RPE: 3)

5:00-7:00: Speed-walk, 4.0 mph, 0% (RPE: 5)

7:00-9:00: Run, jog (5.2-6.0 mph, 0%) or speed-walk (3.8 mph, 6%) (RPE: 6-7)

9:00-33:00: Repeat minutes 5:00-9:00 six more times, alternating 2 minutes of walking with 2 minutes of running or walking on an incline (RPE:7-8)

33:00-38:00: Cool down, 3.5 mph, 0% (RPE: 3)

Level 2

0-5:00: Warm up, 3.5 mph, 0% (RPE: 3)

5:00-7:00: Speed-walk, 4.0 mph, 0% (RPE: 5)

7:00-22:00: Run, jog (5.2-6.0 mph, 0%) or speed-walk (3.8 mph, 6%) (RPE: 6-7)

22:00-39:00: Repeat minutes 5:00-22:00, alternating 2 minutes of walking with 15 minutes of running or walking on an incline (RPE: 7-8)

39:00-45:00: Cool down, 3.5 mph, 0% (RPE: 3)

Level 3

0-5:00: Warm up, 3.5 mph, 0% (RPE: 3)

5:00-10:00: Run, jog (5.2-6-0 mph, 0%) or speed-walk (3.8 mph, 6%) (RPE: 5)

10:00-12:00: Sprint (6.0-7.0 mph, 0%) or speed-walk (3.8 mph, 10%) (RPE: 6-7)

12:00-47:00: Repeat minutes 5:00-12:00 5 more times, alternating 5 minutes of running or walking on an incline (RPE: 7-8)

47:00-52:00: Cool down, 3.5 mph, 0% (RPE: 3)

Have a great workout!

*Note: Always use your own Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) to determine how fast you should go. This rate should be used when gauging your intensity in any cardio workout. Here's what the numbers mean.

  • RPE 1-2: VERY EASY; you can talk on the phone, converse with no labored breathing or effort.
  • RPE 3: EASY; you can converse with almost no effort. Slightly labored breathing, barely noticeable.
  • RPE 4: MODERATELY EASY; you can still converse somewhat comfortably with very little effort.
  • RPE 5: MODERATE; you can still talk, but with some effort.
  • RPE 6: MODERATELY HARD; now talking requires quite a bit of effort.
  • RPE 7: HARD; you can probably still talk a bit, but you don't want to...requires too much effort.
  • RPE 8: VERY HARD; you probably can't get out a full sentence without gasping for air. Conversing requires maximum effort.
  • RPE 9-10: PEAK EFFORT; you can't talk. You are anaerobic. You can only stay in this zone for a few minutes at most!
What are some of your favorite workouts? What music keeps you motivated? Or do you prefer to let your thoughts/TV/books entertain you?


Kristin said...

Oh, I miss the treadmill! Just a few more months...but when I'm running, I have to listen to hardcore music that makes me move or I'll never last. I've never been a great runner, although I aspire to be someday, but typical R & B makes me want to sing and I can't sing while I run. It takes serious alternative or rock to get me running: Linkin Park, Placebo, The Killers, Muse, throw in some Brandi Carlisle or Arcade Fire, Motion City Soundtrack and I'm good to go.

Michael said...

I'm with Kristin. Anything by The Killers gets me going. Mom actually listened to them the other day while she was walking. I made a playlist that consists of my favorite Weezer and Killers, and it really keeps me happy and focused while I'm on the treadmill. Robyn, you should post your PSYCHOTIC interval workout that you had me do on your treadmill.

Robyn said...

OK...I'll post the killer workout soon. When I run, music really keeps me motivated...especially on sprints or hills. Sometimes, though, I like to just turn the music off and organize my life in my head, go through to-do lists, think about how to deal with my tantrum-throwing child, etc. My runs go by faster this way. On the treadmill, however, music is a must to keep me from counting every painful second.

carla said...

I need an ipod shuffle intervention.
someone to take it and download stuff I like on it.

I can never get it right :)


Jill said...

I like listening to music or podcasts (Fitness Rocks, Phedippidations) when I'm running outside. On the treadmill, I usually watch TV, unless I'm running early in the morning and don't want to wake the kids with the TV blasting so I can hear it over the treadmill. I mostly like country music so it's sometimes hard to find songs that are good for running to, but I like a few by Taylor Swift that are upbeat. I know this is an old post, but I just found this blog a few days ago.