Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How's this for an affordable at-home workout?

Have any of you heard of the "gliding disc workout"? It was developed by mother of 3, Mindy Mylrea. The discs themselves are lightweight, and glide can get in shape without a gym membership or bulky equipment. I personally haven't tried the discs, nor have I seen the videos that come along with them. I'm sure they're great! If you don't have the disc, try these moves with a paper plate! How's that for an affordable workout?

1. Side Lunge
Start with your weight on the left foot, and the ball of your right foot on a paper plate. Glide the right foot to the side, keeping your left knee above (or slightly behind) the toes. Glide the plate back to the starting position, and repeat 15 times. Switch sides to complete the set.

2. Back Lunge
Start with feet hip width apart, with the right leg on the paper plate. Slowly glide the right leg back, while bending the left knee into lunge position. Make sure the weight of the left foot is in the heel, and keep the knee behind the toes (in a 90 degree angle). Keep the abs tucked in, the torso upright, and glide the right leg back to starting position. Repeat 15 times, then switch sides to complete the set.

3. Back lunge with a twist
Begin with the same exercise as the back lunge. When you reach the lunge position, twist to the same side as the forward leg. (I'm twisting the wrong way in the picture...oops!) So if your front leg is the right leg, twist to the right. Return to center, and repeat the entire lunge/twist sequence 15 times, then switch sides to complete the set.

4. Push ups

Begin with your hands on the floor, next to your shoulders, with your elbows at a 90 degree angle, with a paper plate under each hand. On your knees or toes, push your body up, keeping your body in a straight line from the crown of your head to your toes. When you reach the top of the movement, glide your hands in towards each other, until they touch directly under your chest. Bend elbows back down into push up, and repeat. Do 15 repetitions to complete a set.5. Abdominal Curls

With both heels on the paper plate (while lying on your back), with your hands lightly touching the back of your head, crunch up as you glide your heels closer towards your butt. Glide heels back out, lower down (without returning to the floor), then repeat 15 times to complete a set.6. Pike Tucks For Core

Begin in a push up position, with both feet on a paper plate. Using your core muscles, glide your feet toward your hands to tuck into a pike position. Bend your knees, or try the advanced option of pulling straight legs in. Lift your hips. Repeat 15 times to complete a set.

Now dust off the paper plate, and go get a snack!


Evelyn and Art said...

There's something I could do! Well, all except for the pike tuck... nice buns by the way! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm really going to start working out again... seriously! I'm excited!

Kimberly said...

You look cute and make the workout look fun too! Maybe I should add this into my 20-20-20 class. Everyone would think what the heck? And then they would love it because they could take it home and do it on their own! Great job and great pics.

Rachel Corbett said...

Oh Robyn! You are too funny! I love it!

Aly said...

ROBYN! You look hot! This looks like something that might possibly kill me...I'm such a clutz lately:)