Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Did It!

Every day, my toddler says three words OVER and OVER with each activity accomplished. I. DID. IT. He recently learned to take off his own pants and diaper...that could get messy! But he's so proud of himself. He looks at me (basking in his nekkid glory), smiles, and says, "I did it!"

Every time we go to the park, he still thrills in the excitement of going down the slide by himself. "I did it!" He buckles the top buckle of his carseat. "I did it!" He opens the fridge. "I did it!" He puts his shoes on (usually the wrong feet). "I did it!"

I love his excitement over the little accomplishments. He's loving his newfound independence when he does something himself. And he wants the world to know...he did it!

How often do we give ourselves credit for our own personal accomplishments? How often do we acknowledge the seemingly small achievements? When does the childhood excitement diminish?
I think we could ALL learn some lessons from the world of toddlerhood. Feel proud of what you do! Give yourself some credit. Let the world know what you've accomplished!

I went on a walk today. I stopped eating for the day at 7 pm. I was on time to _________. I took time to put on makeup and do my hair today. I asked that cute girl out (Michael...). I bought tickets to my High School reunion (I really did!). I made a healthy dinner for my family. I ate breakfast. I completed everything on my to-do list. I completed ONE thing on my to-do list.

Whatever it is. Give yourself some credit! My 2-year old NEVER dwells on what he DOESN'T get done, or what he CAN'T do. We shouldn't either! We accomplish a lot more than we think in any given day. Take note and pat yourself on the back! And try something feels great to say "I did it" after doing something not done before.

Give yourself a shout-out below in the comments. What have you accomplished today? What new thing have you tried? Or what new thing are you going to try? Let's hear the ideas. And let us know how the "I did it" factor has helped you personally with your goals.


Evelyn and Art said...

Okay, my goal this week was no more eating after 7:30! Yea! I DID IT! My husband is a snacker at night and it's contributed to my poochy tummy this summer... I'm saying goodbye to flab and hello to toned abs! My next goal is to start working out again. I'm GOING TO DO IT!! Next week I will finish painting my house! I've cooked healthy meals all week and stuck to my guns with making my kids eat better! I DID IT! My 3 yr old just now shouted, "I DID IT," because she moved her own load (of 25+) books to a new location without my help! Here's to a positive new outlook on life!

Sarah E said...

My big goal this week was to make the switch from 1% milk to skim. I did it! It's dang nasty, but I did it, and I'm going to keep it up!

Lyenna said...

I have been working out consistently 5 days a week for 8 weeks. I DID IT! I am potty training my little girl for the third time. I DID IT! I got 2 rooms in my house cleaned. I DID IT! Thanks for the reminder Robyn. If anyone gets hard on themselves it's mother's. Sometimes it just takes a little reminder to remember what we do and give ourselves the credit for it.

Diane said...

I have been walking almost every day since the middle of June, and my clothes are beginning to fit a little differently. I read a lot of my book today and ignored some laundry!!! I DID IT!!!!

Erin said...

Let's the boys off to school, ate a very healthy breakfast, did my 40 minute cardio workout, made 100+ cookies, ate TONS of the dough, got myself and daughter ready just in time to get to the church to run the Primary Program Practice, just in time to come home make a very unhealthy dinner (mac and cheese) and run out the door to the pack meeting...! Just in time to get home, give the boys haircuts, get them in the shower, bathe my daughter, finish up spelling words and homework pages and top off the evening with a nice relaxing photo editing session at the computer....YAY ME! I DID IT!!! And tomorrow I'll do it all again!!! sigh.

I think you're right. We don't say I DID IT! Enough. I find myself saying, I didn't get it done today A LOT!

Baby steps people! And Sarah...Skim is so yummy! Anything more than skim and it feels like heavy cream going down! But good for you for making the break! :) You DID IT!!!

Aly said...

I stuck to my new schedule for 4 days, and finished Annie's school before noon everytime! What I once thought would be impossible was accomplished! I DID IT! Which then enabled me to finish a whole crap load of other stuff:) YEAH!!!

Kristin said...

I took care of a sick, miserable child today! I made it to my OB appt. only 7 minutes late! I got an almost 3-yr. old to take a nap! I DID IT! I got a five year old to Kindergarten--ON TIME! I made a yummy dinner from scratch--ham, scalloped potatoes, homemade oat rolls--comfort food! I bit back my tongue when my husband told me he had to work late today! BIG I DID IT! I put my swollen feet up by 7 pm! YEAH ME!

Christie said...

I got up at 5:30 today and decided to exercise right then, rather than lay in bed and scratch my bad case of poison ivy.

I feel that warrants a loud I DID IT!

carla said...

I SO LOVE when my Toddler does that.

hmmm. me today? not much :)

wrote a post from the heart.
wrote a letter to my greatgreataunt from the heart.
called my parents.

huh. ok. I did a lot.