Thursday, September 11, 2008


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When we decided to start this blog, we hoped not only to impart some of the little knowledge we have of health and fitness to our readers, but to gain some insight as well. You ladies (and Michael) know your stuff! So in case you aren't keeping up with the comments, here are a few of the tips we've learned from our fitalicious family of readers (that means you!).

In response to a question about fitness for pregnant women, Tami said:
The elliptical kept me sane as a prego mom. Also, fast walking/jogging to the park every day helped me feel better. Exercise is said to reduce swelling in the legs and to shorten labor. Good luck!

For skin-care products, Christie recommends Origins Perfect World moisturizer and Bare Essentials make-up. They are just the best.

Regarding skin care, Michelle had some great at-home remedies:
I like to use just plain old, regular, white sugar to exfoliate my entire body. It's important not to push AT ALL, just move the sugar around gently and thats enough. It works everywhere, except for my feet (I use Ped Egg and then moisturizer on my feet, I recommend it highly...Exfoliation has been the number one way for me to rid myself of acne (which I am also prone to.) My skin is so hyper sensitive I can no longer use even Proactive Solution's sensitive formula anymore. I use banana boat sunscreen for babies spf 50. For whatever reason it doesn't make be breakout. It feels a little greasy going on, but soaks right in after a few minutes. Then I do the rest of my make-up.

Michael (yay for male readers...nevermind that he's our brother and has to...) said on acne treatment:
Dr. Fulton gave me one free bottle of this:
After one bottle, I was sold. Nothing gets rid of acne like that stuff.

Lots of you helped set the record straight on work-out myths as well!

Melissa said:
My physical therapist told me that stretching before a workout can actually hurt you. Always do most of your stretching after you've worked out.

On ab-work (Listen up, here! We all want to lose our mummy tummies...) Tami said:
Watch out for doing crunches and sit-ups. Not the best way to work the ABS! The abs are postural muscles and we definitely don't walk around in a hunched position all day, so why would you do this to work out. Besides that, it can create or worsen a diastasis ( a separation of the rectus abdominus muscle that comes from being pregnant or doing sit-ups and ab work wrong). Do work the abs by holding them in on all the work you do. Planks are great, heel slides are great, holding the abs in as you do bicep or tricep curls or holding them every time you stand up from a chair has you working them all day long.
For more info check out the book "Lose Your Mummy Tummy" by Julie Tupler

Christie attests to the importance of strength training:
I've been working out with a trainer for almost a year now. Strength training really has made a difference for me. And no, women can't bulk up unless they do steroids. You're right on!

To which Erin responded:
Yes, women can bulk up and do without the use of steroids...I'm a living example!!

Any thoughts? Just for the record, though, Erin definitely doesn't look like a woman on steroids! She's a hot, buff mama!

On to the food stuff!

On eating healthy, Lyenna (who happens to be 5 lbs. from her pre-pregnancy weight 8 weeks after giving birth!) suggests portion control.
I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm satisfied, not full. I also cut out extra fat. For example, I use mustard instead of mayo, for a sandwich and pile on the veggies to make it more satisfying. Also a good rule of thumb is to pay attention to serving size. If it's bigger than your fist (use this for fruit, potatoes, etc) or palm (use this for chicken, steak, etc) it's too big. Also with dessert, have it, just don't go overboard.

Aly (the beautiful cake maker) suggests:
Lots of...Fiber/Grains
Fruit and Veggies

2 servings...dairy
Easy on the...leans meats

8 glasses (or more)...of water

Essential Fats/Oils: Very small amount

All in moderation 6 days/week...

AND one over induldging day that I throw it all out the window!

Tami (who really is a health and fitness expert) says:
I try to avoid the five whites which are well known for giving you a "gut," "rice gut," "spare tire," whatever you want to call that extra around your waist line.

The five whites:
White flour
White pasta
White sugar
White rice
White potatoes

So what the heck do I eat? Hmmm.... good question!
Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat couscous
Quinoa (said to be the most nutritous grain, it's high in protein - use like rice, or like oatmeal)Brown rice (brown rice cakes are nice to snack on)
Whole wheat pasta
And I try to eat my vegetables
Go for variety in color

And finally, some extra motivation...cuz I know we could all use some!

Christie nailed one of my motivating factors for exercise on the nose:
The only thing that motivates me is my extreme desire to eat bad food. I work out so that I can eat bad. Sure, I'd like to lose a few pounds, but if I can keep myself from gaining, I've done good.

And we know she runs like crazy...she ran a marathon a few years ago...

Miguelito said:
I guess one motivation is to keep up with you two. There's nothing better than a mid-morning jog in San Diego with my sisters.

We love our cute little brother!

And my favorite from Evelyn:
It is the one thing I can fully accomplish during the day.

If you cross nothing else off your to-do list for the day, you can feel accomplished knowing you did something good for yourself!

Thank you so much for making this blog better than we can make it ourselves. We hope our readership keeps growing so we can keep learning from you inspiring people! Have a great weekend!



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