Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to separate the leg from the buttox

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I was recently asked the following question:

How do I tone the spot where my leg meets my butt?

You all know the spot, right? The rear end may sort of continue onto this spot. If you're lucky, there is a distinct separation of leg and bottom. We've already established with our workout myth busters that you can't spot reduce, but you can definitely tone specific areas. Here are my three favorite moves for toning this lovely gray area...the one we want to be leg, but that can easily be confused as part of the derrière.

( pictures this time. My 2-year-old photographer just wasn't up to the task.)


Double and Single Leg Bridges

Starting position: Supine on the floor (lie on back), with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, arms at your sides.

Action: Squeeze buttox and lift hips towards the ceiling (making sure legs are bent at 90 degrees). Pause, and lower back towards the floor (without returning completely to the floor). Repeat reps.

Variation: Try this move with single legs for added difficulty. Cross right leg over left thigh, or extend right leg out straight. Complete reps, then switch sides.



Starting position: Stand up straight, pull in your abs, make sure your feet are hip distance apart.

Action: Slowly lower the body, moving the hips back as if sitting in a chair. Make sure the weight of your body is in your heels (so you don't fall forward), and go as low as you can (aiming for about 90 degrees). Pause, then return to starting position. Repeat.

Variation: Try this on a single leg, add hand weights, or a dumb bell for a challenge.



This is the move I love to hate! It works! And there are soooo many variations, it never stops working!

Starting position: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart.

Action: Take a BIG step backwards (or forward). The weight of your front foot should be in the heel. The back heel is raised, so weight is in the ball of the foot. Both feet are facing forward. Lower to the floor, to about 90 degrees of flexion. Make sure your front knee never extends beyond your toes as you go down and up. Complete reps, then switch sides. See here for a picture of the lunge with my paper plate workout!

Variations: Add weight, put either back or front leg on elevated surface, do walking lunges, etc.

What are your favorite separation-of-the-leg-to-butt moves, or what areas are you looking to define?


Erin said...

Cute post! It's funny you mention this exercise...I just did these exact same things yesterday!! I did the prevention fitness dvd belly, butt, and thighs... yeah my legs are pretty sore today...but it's that good kind of sore! The kind that says "ouch, oohhh, yay I worked out!"

Kristin said...

I totally agree with your advice. When I was working out really hard earlier this year (pre-pregnancy), I was doing a weight-lighting class at the gym. We did tons of squats and lunges with the bar on the shoulders. I started noticing the difference right away. It was the first time in my life that I noticed a butt-leg separation! I also like doing "dead lifts" (I think that's what they're called), where you bend at the hip, back straight, legs hip width and slightly bent--for the hip area right above the butt. I also have the back-to-butt issue as well as the butt-to-leg issue.