Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today's Topic...Falling Off Course

Just in case you've missed us, we're back! We fell off the fit-a-wagon for at least a week, but we're jumping back on.

Sometimes in life, you just need a break. Sometimes while blogging, you just don't have the words. Sometimes when you're dieting, you just need a sweet. Sometimes when you're in a crazy streak of working out, you may have days when you just don't wanna. And that's OK. Maybe the right thing to say would be, "Do it anyway." And yes, if you can force yourself to actually do it, more power to you. But that's not the horn I'm tooting today.

It's OK to occasionally relax. Let your body recover. Rest. Sleep in!

While my husband was training for his last marathon, I felt like I was too. Only I never crossed the finish line. I just ran with him for the workout and the company. After his marathon, my body was tired. So one day as I put on my running shoes, I just couldn't do it. I took them off, pulled out my Yoga mat, and let my body recover with some relaxing poses.

I would probably call myself a compulsive worker-outer. I totally beat myself up if I miss a workout. Especially cardio. I'm addicted. But sometimes a girl just needs a break. And I'm trying to learn to give myself permission to take one.

And I'm giving you permission, too. Are you going on vacation? Take your workout clothes if you feel like it, but if you don't, don't. It's really not the end of the world. And life awaits you when you get home. If you wake up tired and the thought of running is pure torture? Don't run. If you'd rather die than do Turbo Jam one more time, don't do it.

I obviously don't preach this way of not working out for every day life, but sometimes your body knows what's best for your body better than your mind does. If your body feels tired and achy, it probably is. Relax! Or find something new that re-energizes you. Get a video from the library. Go to a new class at the gym. Jump rope with your kids. Working out shouldn't be torturous!

So here's my advice for the day, to be taken with a proverbial grain of salt. Take. A. Break. or Try. Something. New. or Take. A. Nap. Make some time to fill your motivation wells, get organized, make a plan, then when you're ready (and only then), get moving.

Now give me some motivation. My wells are near empty. How do you fill yours?


Kristin said...

I've taken a 9 month leave from the joy that is working out. No, actually I can't wait to get back in there and break a good sweat from something other than chasing my two-year old. I get addicted to working out too and sometimes it becomes too routine and you need to mix it up. Besides throwing in different classes or activities, I HAVE to change my iPod around frequently. Buy a few new songs, mix a new list...I just can't listen to the same stuff over and over. Maybe that's too easy of a fix, but I always look forward to the treadmill a lot more if I know I have a new playlist waiting for me!

Melissa said...

Lately I've tried to listen to how I feel more. So my motivation comes from wanting to get the feeling I get when I eat better and work out. I also like it when I look at a picture of myself and I don't cringe because there is a muffin top, chubby upper arms, or double chin.

Tami H. said...

I usually have to give myself a purpose or destination to run to, like the post office, library story time, walgreens, or meeting a friend at the park. I especially like things where I have a time commitment like stort=y time or swimming lessons, or having to return a video game. It helps get my bum into gear.

If I don't feel like running I might go on a run/walk and be ready to walk and run just in case you feel like it when you get out there.