Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Prize and Warrior Women

Remember the Healthy Recipe Contest? is FAR from over. I don't know how we're going to ever determine the winners if the rest of your recipes are as good as the Dang Good Chili, Moroccan Chicken, and Oatmeal Pancakes we've tried so far.

In case you were curious, however, as to what the something our first random winner received in the mail would be, wait no longer. It can only be described by a picture, so here you go.

Yes...I was laughing when I saw it, too. Are you now totally bummed that YOU didn't win the random drawing? Well, you can get your own Collector's Item OAHACA pull string robot mecanique here. Or get your own something. It'll obviously be totally worth your ten bucks! So, congrats again, Aly...I'm sure you've never received a better present in your life! Ahem.

Now here's something worth reading. Last week, my SIL celebrated her own personal D-Day anniversary. As in, Diagnosis Day. Six years ago, Erin was diagnosed with breast cancer. She describes her emotions of that day, along with never-before-seen-now-she's-sharing-them-with-the-world pictures of the "hair cut." Erin's one of the most positive individuals I've ever met. Yet she's had more challenges than I would wish on my worst enemy.

I am constantly amazed at the struggles and challenges thrown to different individuals. OK...we all know that life is hard. So I'm not amazed at the struggles. But I am amazed at the ability so many have to overcome, and to be stronger as a result!

Here's another example. If you missed seeing this Mother Warrior on Oprah, read about this woman who lost all of her limbs (shortly after giving birth) due to some flesh-eating bacteria. She knew she had a life to live, and went forward bravely, never looking back, never wishing for a new life, or different circumstances, etc. Amazing!

I'm so grateful for stories like these that remind me how very much I have to be grateful for. They also make me wonder how I would react given the same circumstances. Helps me to not take any second of this precious life for granted.

Who are the Warrior Women examples in your lives? What struggles have you had to overcome? How have your challenges made you stronger?


Kimberly said...

I laughed so hard when I saw what Aly got! She is such a good sport!! Erin's post was definitely worth reading...she is an inspiration to us all! XOXO

Erin said...

Thanks Robyn, that was so sweet of you. I pray I can stay healthy enough and blessed enough not to have to go down that road again!!

My hero (among many) is my mother-in-law. She is the most selfless, kind person I know. I'm not sure how she manages caring for her elderly mother, babysitting grandkids on a daily basis, volunteering for a million humanitarian projects and still has time to attend my boys soccer games. How does she do it? She eats healthy, exercises, and is like the engergizer bunny. She'll give you the shirt off her back, make dinner for you and 12 neighbors and you never hear one complaint. That's right, she NEVER complains. She is my hero. I want to be like that. I complain A LOT. And I don't do half the things she does. Yup, she's wonder woman!

GrandmaCathy said...

I didn't deserve that, Erin, but thank you. You are one of my heros, along with many other choice women in my life. I've got a wonderful daughter and 5 wonderful daughter in laws who amaze me every day with their talents and abilities and giving attitudes. I have a wonderful mom and mother in law, great sisters and sister in laws etc etc. I'll highlight my sister, Jean who at age 25 had her 3rd baby girl with many complications. Little Kellie (now age 28) was serverely brain damaged and Jean has cared for her at home all those years. Two years after Kellie was born Jean's husband was killed in an accident. Jean has raised 3 great daughters, been the bread winner and managed to love and serve many others along the way. Kudos to her wonderful example to all of us.

Missy said...

What the heck is that thing?! Pretty funny. It looks like a head massager, kinda, cuz its got those plastic coated legs. I was at the mall, about three years ago or so, getting my wedding ring cleaned. I came across one of those little stands and it was around Christmas time. Usually I don't even make eye-contact with the people that hover on the outscirts of the little pop-tart stands at the mall. There stuff is usually impulse crap that I can't afford anyway, and they're always so desperate, its aweful. But I got roped in, on accident this one time. The gal was selling cheap looking head massagers. No buttons, no batteries or plugs. They had a round, wooden handle that was painted all cutsie-like, and all these thick, long, plastic coated, adjustable metal wires coming out of the bottom. I thought, ok, yeah, whatever. Then she did her little demonstration on my head.... oh yeah, that was nice. I wanted one. I figured they would cost maybe $5, $10 bucks. I ask the gal cuz there's no sign anywhere. She says how lucky I am cuz their on sale for only $25! Well, yippie skippie sweety. Later. Stupid eye-contact. Anyhow, it was a great lesson in keeping my head down. It did feel pretty good though. I wonder if I can make one...