Thursday, January 29, 2009

Food, Glorious Sugar-Free Food!

Last week I proposed a possible fasting from sugar. Some of you have tried it before. Some of you WANT to try it with me. Some of you think I'm C-C-C-Crazy! I kind of think I am, too...because let's face it...I LOOOOOOOVE my sugar! But I've never fasted from it (besides on the first Sunday of every month for two meals...ha ha). I tried a week on the South Beach Diet and was miserable. This will be different, though. Instead of focusing on what I CAN'T have, I'm going to focus on things I love that I can still have...namely:

BREAD! (100% whole grain--not multigrain or white)
SUGAR-FREE snacks! (I love sugar free pudding!)

OK, and lots more...I just remember being on the South Beach Diet and dreaming about carbs! Loaves of bread filled my every waking (and sleeping) thought. So this isn't a low-carb thing. THAT is definitely NOT for me. But this is a fast from sugar. Here are my rules if you want to join me.
  1. The fast starts on Sunday, February 1st AFTER my daughter's 1st birthday party.
  2. The fast ends on Saturday, August 1st BEFORE my birthday party. (You're all invited!)
  3. I might change the rules for myself on the following occasions (but only if I'm really dying to partake...not because I feel like I have to): a) The Boy's 3rd birthday in May, and b) Post-race/long training runs.

That's it. I'm not saying I won't cheat, but I'm going to try REEEEEALLY hard not to. So who's in on this measly little 6-month sugar fast?

Another question: Are sugar fasts socially acceptable? I often do partake of desserts that I truly could've done without just because I feel like I have to. It's my personality. I have a hard time saying, "No." I'm a yesser...a people pleaser. And a social eater. Am I going to lose friends because of this? Experience? Thoughts? Advice? And PLEASE...joiners?


Aly said...

First, Robyn on the trying Zumba note, I tried it on Monday and it was a hoot! There are definitely some crazy moves but it was a fun workout (not as hard as the Kick Boxing class I took last night...not anywhere close to that), but it was a good workout in it's own right! Michael I loved reading your post and look forward to hearing more from you, you are too funny:).

Second, I am not sure if you can call what I do a true sugar fast because I do have sugar once a week on my free day. It doesn't make me crave it again or anything--just kind of helps me avoid it the rest of the week because my free day is always there again! I have noticed that it never sounds good and I feel so much better. I think that one of the things that helps me is my protein shakes (I have started making them with a little bit of sugar free pudding powder), I feel like I am having an ice cream shake a couple of times everyday!! I will totally do it with you as long as I can have my free day:)

P.S. The sugar fast along with the Body for Life diet have contributed to my 7 pound weight loss over the last 3 1/2 weeks! You should give that sugar fast a try Robyn!

GrandmaCathy said...

I'd like to try it with you. I think it will help to be doing it with others. So here's to NO SUGAR ! ! !

Michael said...

Good luck.

shaleen said...

Hey Robin,

I am willing to try this fast with you!!! I will have cake on my daughters b-day which is soon,but I wont have any on the other days. I have learned if I deprive myself completley I binge later. I will be more aware of everything that goes in my mouth. Besides sugar always makes me feel lousy.

Hopefully my sister and I can do this together.

please keep the good ideas coming!
Any yummy healthy snacks and or recipies.



Diane said...

OK...I've been reading Suzanne Sommer's book and just watched Oprah's webcast on BHRT. I'd really like to give it a try. Everything says to cut the whites in our diets (white sugar, flour, rice, etc.). I like the approach of focusing on what you can have and not what you can't. I remember the South Beach Diet and walking through the grocery store smelling the freshly baked french bread. It was all I could do to keep myself from buying a loaf and eating the whole thing in the store.

Jill said...

Sounds REALLY hard. I think I'll pass. :)

Lyenna said...

Hey I'm all for the eating less sugar! I'm with Aly on the Body for Life thing. It's wonderful because I don't have to feel guilty for indulging once a week. And I get to feed the beast. Because believe me it's a BEAST!!! So yes I'm in too as long as I can eat my sugar once a week;) Does that count as a sugar fast?

Robyn said...

YES!!!! That totally counts! If you know you're going to have it sometime during the week, you won't feel so all-consumed with not having it. Depending on how my first few weeks go, I may have to resort to a once-a-week kind of thing! Because I'm already mourning the loss of sugar. And I haven't started yet. Anything that makes us all a little more aware of what we put into our mouths is great! YAY! I'm glad so many of you are on board!

Kimberly said...

I want to do what Aly's doing...that sounds awesome!

Allie said...

I'm in. I just can't decide if I will do once a week, or one day a month. I will do one or the other though. I am a sugar addict and need to loose the weight!