Monday, February 16, 2009

Sugar Fast Failure!

Ummm....errrr....uhhhh....I don't QUITE know how to break it to you, fit me peeps. Did I, or did I not commit myself to a sugar fast? My memory is sort of failing me, so I can't remember. You see, there I was, chugging along. If I remember correctly, I went a whole week (probably the first in my life) without chocolate. I caved for a cinnamon roll, but was right back on track.
Until Valentine's Week happened.
Why is it that holidays are no longer JUST on the actual holi-DAY anymore? They last all WEEK and even all MONTH long! After the cinnamon-roll-of-gooey-goodness was consumed last Sunday, everything sort of became a blur as the week unfolded.
First, I went to singing group on Tuesday night. After being in a grumpy, sugar-free funk all week, I went and sang. And talked. And laughed. And almost cried when my friend Michelle gave me this sweet Valentine. Cried because of the nice gesture, AND because I really wanted to eat what was inside! I gave it to my husband, but vaguely remember sneaking a bite of the last remaining bar the following morning. But I can't be held accountable...I wasn't thinking clearly.

I also have a vague memory of a church party Friday night. It was a chili and chocolate cook-off. I'm not sure, but I think I entered the chocolate competition (by mistake) with this amazing recipe from Stie. I may have tasted the brownie batter. And the cream cheese frosting. And the peanut-butter-chocolate rice crispies. I know, right?

I also may have nibbled at a few of the competing entries. Just to make sure mine was the best. And it was...I won!

So I'm almost scared to say it, because I'm a rebel against my own rules. But I'm going to say it anyway. My sugar fast continues today. Last week? Erased from memory! Gone! Did you survive sugar cookie week?


Erin said...

No. I ate 6 delightful, fully frosted, heart shaped cookies. Pure heaven. But I'm hitting the elliptical hard this week to make up for it. The sugary goodness was worth it...I did make sure to give away the rest.

Christie said...

What? You mean every week is not sugar week?

Crap. I'm totally in trouble then.

Aly said...

YOU are SOOO funny!! I'm with ya...I think sugar is the only thing that I DID eat last week! I am back on track this week though. I will probably still have my typical cheat DAY and I will attempt NOT to turn it into an ENTIRE FREE WEEKEND! How's that for recommitment??

Jen said...

I've got an idea for a guest post if you'd like me to...
email, message, comment, or call!

Tina said...

Hey! I think that a treat here and there is NOTHING to be ashamed of. And I say this after a weekend of chocolate, and carbs galore. But I am back on as of yesterday and still feel great. What is life without a treat once in a while. I love the way you write because it puts a smile on my face, not to mention the fact that you are REAL!!! Its a new day every day. (and that is what gets me through it)