Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Under-eye Baggage!

Why I'm walking around with huge bags under my eyes:

  • Birds have made a home in our dryer vent. I can hear them flapping around through the walls. Gross! Our house is full of hanging wet everythings...from towels to underwear.
  • I had a pregnancy scare a few weeks ago that sent me on an emotional rollercoaster. Test: Positive. Emotion: Cried all day. Three days later: I guess a third child isn't the end of the world. Later that day: Bleeding. Blood Test: Pregnancy hormones still high. A week later: Pregnancy test negative. Definite miscarriage. Emotion: Relieved and sad at the same time. Is that possible?
  • We've had one house guest after another. Love the company. Hate the recovery.
  • I'm turning into monster mom. I must be tired! Me without sleep=tantrum throwing 28-year old!

Why the under-eye baggage will soon go away:

  • I've been madly getting ready for a glorious 7-day, child-free cruise! We leave on Friday! See? You can stop feeling sorry for me now...

Why the bags might return:

  • Two words: Swine Flu.

Edited to say: Two of the ports have been cancelled (the Mexican ones), so hopefully we still get to go! New schedule announced tomorrow! Please let it be a good one...I'm ready for a break!

Have you any beauty tips for me to get rid of the baggage besides a vacation?


Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

OH Robin, what a crazy past week! I totally feel for you! And many of those things I could relate to - I get that way after a lot of company myself. We WON on a radio trip a cruise in Mexico but declined to go because we couldn't afford in all our penny pinching, to pay taxes and duties. So now with the whole swine flu thing, we are glad we opted NOT to go.

And the pregnancy thing - wow - emotional rollercoaster!


Aly said...

Oy Vey!! Holy crap Robyn!! This post made me think one thing, AAAAHHH!!! (For more than one reason).

Lindy Merkley said...

My sis uses some kind of awesome eye cream that takes care of her bags. I can get the name of it if you want!!