Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8 Ways To Stay Fit on a Cruise

It's taken me all week to finally sit down to admit that the vacation is indeed over. So hi, fit-me-peeps, I'm back! I have to admit that it was pretty easy to adjust to kid-free life. Our cruise. was. fabulous. I've yet to weigh myself to see what damage was done, and I probably won't. I don't need skinny jeans are tight enough to show me that poundage was definitely gained. But I enjoyed every last morsel of food I shoveled into my mouth. And the lovely souveniers I'm prominently displaying on my thighs would be even bigger if I hadn't taken my own advice. Here are a few tips to minimize the post-vacation-extra-body-baggage:

  1. TAKE THE STAIRS! We decided on the first day that we would take the stairs E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. Our room was on deck 2, we ate dinner on deck 3, we watched shows on deck 5, we enjoyed the buffet on deck 9, we swam on deck 11, and ran on deck 12. Each day gave us PLENTY of opportunites for stair climbing. (With many an ice-cream cone waiting at the end of the big climb!)
  2. CHECK OUT THE GYM! We made it a point of finding the fitness center the first day. It was at the front end of the ship, with windows looking out. I decided that running on the treadmill while watching the waves crash in front of me would be worth a daily trip. Let me tell you...running on a moving boat is a killer core never know which way the incline is going to go! The gym also offered several free health seminars and fitness classes (for a fee--I would've gone--but I'm too cheap!)
  3. MAKE FITNESS FUN! I LOVED the days at sea on the ship. My favorite activity of the week was probably the Disco Dance Class taught by the Cruise Director. We spent an hour learning a new dance. I was laughing the whole time, and sweating by the end. We also entered a free-throw contest, a ping-pong contest, and danced every chance we got.
  4. TRY THE LOW-CAL ENTREES. OK...I didn't really do this one, but I did love the fruit and salad bars! I occasionally tried the "SPA" selections at dinner, but only in addition to the three other entrees I ordered. Yes, I ordered A LOT of food, but I never felt obligated to clean the plate! With so much food, a few bites of each entree (and dessert) was plenty.
  5. ON DECK FOR THE CURE! I was really sad that our cruise coincided with Susan G. Komen's Race For The Cure. I was thrilled, however, to find out that a small scale version of this do-good race was on schedule for the week. I walked a mile in my flip-flops for On Deck For The Cure...and yes, I cried.
  6. DRINK WATER! OK...I'm pretty sure the drink servers hated us. But the fact that we didn't spend a dime on a single beverage on board saved us not only a LOT of money, but a TON of calories!
  7. PLAN ACTIVE EXCURSIONS! We hiked, we snorkeled, we swam, and we ran on the beach. (But I was also sore after holding on for dear life to my husband driving a motor scooter on the left side of the road in the Bahamas!)
  8. ENJOY! Don't're on vacation. If you eat more for a week than you normally would, your body will adjust when you get home. Whatever you do, have fun! Your only real jobs while cruising are to eat and poop. Everything else is extra. Enjoy!

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