Friday, May 15, 2009

13 Reasons I Love the Gym Kids' Club!

What. A. Week. Let me tell you, fit-me-peeps, life after the big vay-cay sure stinks! I'm pretty sure my kids didn't poop this much before I left. I'm also pretty sure they didn't cry this much before. My baby girl will NOT let me leave her sight. I sort of enjoyed the neediness for the first day or two--8 days away from my babies left me longing for their cries--but NOW I need a break.

My normal pre-Cruise routine consisted of a near-daily trip to the gym, with a glorious drop-off at the Kids' Club. But I have not visited the gym this week. I'm pretty sure leaving my baby for the brief hour would have sent her over the edge. I've taken the week to remind her that I'm not going anywhere. But next week? We're going back. I LOVE the kids' club. I feel GREAT taking my kids there. When I work out at home, sometimes I end up feeling more stressed out when the workout's over. Here's why I heart the kids' club so much:
  1. They know that I'm going to work out. I'm hoping my example will teach them the same behavior.
  2. They get to play with fun, exciting, different toys.
  3. I don't have to scream from the treadmill for them to share, not hit, and to stay off!
  4. Someone else gets to listen to the whining! (Or lack thereof...they're having fun!)
  5. My needy children always get special attention.
  6. They learn that fitness is fun.
  7. They've made friends, and look forward to gym playdates!
  8. I get some much needed ME time!
  9. Since we're regulars, the "gym ladies" know and love my kids.
  10. It helps with socialization.
  11. It gets me out of the house.
  12. If I don't accomplish, or do anything fun for my kids for the rest of the day, I know they had at least one fun hour.
  13. We all leave happy!

How do you fit in fitness while still fulfilling your mommy role?


Missy said...

That's a big amen from me! I love the kids club at the gym too. They know my kids by their names and the kids have their friends there. Cookie always tells me, "I wanna go daycare mommy." He loves it too.
I go to 24 hour because they give me a full 2 hours everyday for all three of my kids! I use it too, you better believe it.
I can work my abs in peace, I can lift weights in peace, I can run or elyptical in peace or swim or rest my aching muscles in the hot tub, whatever I want with no whining. So nice, so very very nice.
Ahhhhhhhhhh, kids club... :)

Diane said...

Where was the Kids Club when you were little?! Sounds like a great escape for everyone!!