Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Benefits of At-Home-Fitness: P90X Style

Let me introduce you to our guest poster for the day, Lyenna! Lyenna is a busy mother of 3, and one of the most motivated worker-outers ever. (Just reading about her workouts makes me tired!) As a mom, I love reading her blog to get a realistic picture of the highs and lows that come with motherhood. Hilarious! After the birth of her 3rd baby last year, she dug deep and found the motivation she needed to take charge of her body and life. Read on to find out what she has done AT HOME to reach her goals...

There are so many reasons to tell yourself you don't have time to work-out. It's so easy to use your kids as an excuse. And it's so easy, especially for moms, to put others before yourself. I am a very competitive and athletic person, and I thrive on anything challenging. I was raised in a family that is all of these things, almost to the extreme. I know no other way. I was raised to accept change, and go for the gusto! After becoming a mom I lost a little of that gusto. I gained about 40lbs., stretch marks, and nursing boobs (we all know what those look like after) with my first child. I lost the weight, but I was NOT in the same athletic shape I used to be in. I assumed that was just one of the sacrifices you make to be a mom. I then had another child, but my body had some clue as to what to do, so I didn't put on as much weight as my first. However, I was slowly losing muscle tone. I was what I like to call "skinny fat" Having my third child had me feeling like I had to do something. Being a mom slowed me down for a while, but I finally got my groove back. I have always been active, but never like this!

A little over year ago I started a work-out group. I never thought I would be a group fitness girl, but I have grown to thrive on it. We would use random videos that everyone had collected over the years. They were okay, but nothing really spectacular, and we weren't seeing any changes, but at least we got to socialize, right? Needless to say we wanted more of a challenge. We had to make dragging our kids along worth it! I had seen the infomercial for P90X and had wanted to try it, just to see if what they claimed was actually possible. I ordered it and those of us who have stuck with it within the group have seen awesome results. One of the women in our group has lost 55lbs. I haven't lost weight, at least not a lot but I lost fat and have gained muscle tone. I can now do 2 pull-ups (previously I could do zero), 40 straight leg push-ups (previously 20), and have a resting heart-rate of 50bpm (previously 60bpm). All of this from using a fitness video!!! Who knew!?

Because of my results I have become an online fitness coach. I get to share my passion with the world, and get paid for it! I e-mail, and encourage others who want to FINALLY make time for themselves. So what is Beachbody? This link gives you a quick look. What I have found is you don't need a gym membership to get into the best shape of your life! I get to do all of this while my 3 kids run around. I get to be with other women that share my passion and hold me accountable. My kids now look forward to exercise, and are sad if we miss a day. I am in better shape today than I was in high school, and I played 3 sports a year. I thought those days were over forever when I had children, and it turns out I was way wrong!

You can become fit, do it at home, and see REAL results. To see my before and after photos visit my website. If you have any questions or want to know more about getting fit, getting paid, and working from home email me at fit2bhappy@beachbodycoach.com. Beachbody is the real deal. They do things the right way by showing you how to eat right, showing you how to exercise to get results, and giving you support for the journey ahead. It has changed my life. Will it change yours?

There you have it. Thanks, Lyenna! I actually have tried P90X, and can say that the series of workouts really are the hardest, best workouts I've ever done! (By best I mean the so-sweaty-it's-dripping-off-your-elbows-while-you-burn-a-gazillion-calories-and-you're-sore-for-a-week-kind-of-workouts). Really. You want results? Check it out!


Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

wow - that sounds intense. What is the "thinking mechanism" behind it? Meaning, what is the school of thought. Is it like a fitness boot camp, does it have reps of calistenics, does it involve equipment?

Hey, sorry I fell of the face of the earth, btw. I would love to to a blog swap. I would love for you to post items about your workouts, workout strategies, and which are your favs.

Robyn said...

The idea behind P90X is "muscle confusion." There are 12 different workouts in the series, so you are constantly challenging your muscles in a new way. The only equipment used are handweights, Yoga mats, and possibly a pull-up bar. You alternate between the strength training workouts (which work different parts of the body) and cardio workouts which range from Yoga to "plyometrics"--explosive sports training drills. Your body never gets bored!