Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Biathlon...A Race for the Kids

When your 2-year old spends countless hours in the jogging stroller during the week, he's bound to want to get out and run. As he sits in the bike trailer watching you pedal, he's bound to want to get out and ride. He has more energy in his little pinky finger than you have in your big legs. Sitting still is not his forte.

When your 2-year old spends several Saturday mornings cheering you and your hubby on as you race, he's bound to want to get out and...race! He has more will power in his little toes than you have in your entire body.

When your 2-year old is approaching his 3rd birthday, he'll want to have a party. And what could be a better party than one that includes three of his favorite things: running, biking, and racing! A birthday biathlon is the key to his happiness. What should you do?

  1. Chart out a course along the local jogging trail. Mark it with blue sidewalk chalk arrows pointing the never know when someone's going to take a wrong turn!
  2. Instruct "race participants" to bring their bikes and running shoes.
  3. Give the biathlon-ers a choice...bikes or running. Switching from one to the other might just be more than 3-year-olds can emotionally handle.
  4. Have parents stationed around the course to cheer their racers on.
  5. Be thrilled as your 3-year-old comes in 2nd place!
  6. Smile as your one-year-old stains her entire body with a red-ice-cream-man-popsicle instead of racing.
  7. Give each little racer a medal, a juice box, and a banana.
  8. Love the accomplished look on each of their little faces.
  9. Eat the birthday boy's "Trail Cake".
  10. Laugh as the kids leave the cake to "race" again. (More cake for me! Why can't I have my priorities that straight?!?!)
See? Fitness CAN be fun! How do you encourage your kids to be physically active?


Evelyn and Art said...

Can you be just as excited when your kids come in last place?? How about when they get beat by the kid WALKING and eating a popsicle?! Haha! I guess you don't have to race to be physically active, right? I know it's been a good physical day when they go straight to sleep the moment their heads hit the pillow!

Lyenna said...

What a GREAT idea!!! Tanner and Keira would love that. I should plan one just for kicks. My kids are already highly competative, it's gotta be in the genes:)

Erin said...

How fun! Did you get it on video? I can only imagine how fun it was to watch! Sounds like a blast!

Kara said...

My twin girls had a triathlon bday party when they turned five last year (and yes, I blogged about it, too--one of my better mom moments). In fact one of my daughters wore her race tshirt today:-)

Diane said...

I wish I could have been there to watch! Sounds like one successful birthday party!