Wednesday, June 17, 2009

20 Reasons I LOVE Yoga!

Here's a little tidbit of information about me: I'm a little bit OCD about my work outs, and missing a workout seriously stresses me out. Forgetting to wear my heart rate monitor before going to the gym just about sends me into a fit of hysteria. I love my cardio workouts, and I love strength training workouts. But today I reminded myself that I LOVE YOGA! I often opt for the higher calorie burn, thinking that Yoga just isn't enough. But tonight I attended a Yoga class, and remembered why I should do it more often! We would all do well to incorporate some Yoga into our regular fitness regimen.

  • I have to adjust my rear view mirror for the drive makes me sit taller by improving my posture.
  • It decreases blood pressure, lowers the heart rate, and improves circulation.
  • It helps me control my breathing in normal-life-stressful situations.
  • It massages my internal organs, so I'm more in tune with my body.
  • It helps me stay regular (along with my fabulous fiber!)
  • It gives me a stronger immune system.
  • It gives me a higher tolerance for pain.
  • It reduces spinal compression and back pain.
  • It stimulates detoxification of the body...and keeps me younger.
  • It is non-competitive. (Although I'm still working on remembering that I don't need to compare what I'm doing to what the instructor is doing.)
  • It makes me stronger...using only my own body weight.
  • I sleep better.
  • It teaches me balance and control over my body.
  • It makes me a better runner.
  • It improves...ahem...sexuality.
  • It improves my mood.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It humbles me into better self-acceptance. I can't do every move. And that's OK!
  • It's a great measuring stick for my own level of strength and fitness.
  • It teaches me to remain calm in the midst of a storm.
For more surprising health benefits of Yoga, read this. Why do YOU love Yoga?


Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I love yoga as well. I am actually looking into getting a good yoga video. Do you have any suggestions?

Robyn said...

Denise Austin has some good Yoga videos, I also really love the Yoga on P90X. I've also *heard* amazing things about Rodney Yee...(, but can't say I've tried anything of his.

Aly said...

This is great to hear Robyn! I have been sad that Chuck keeps getting home later and I have been missing my favorite classes. I keep looking at the schedule and Yoga is always on there later at night, I have avoided it thinking that it just won't be intense enough! I guess I should give it a go! Thanks for the motivation!!

Lyenna said...

I always thought yoga was for "sissies" until I actually did it with P90X. I was completely floored when the next day I was sore on every part of my body. It still surprises me every week, how much I sweat too. It's a great workout!!! Flexibility is the unsung hero in fitness, but so crucial to a well-rounded fitness program. I am now a believer:) IT AIN'T NO SISSY WORKOUT, EITHER!

Diane said...

The instructor makes a HUGE difference too. I've been to about four different yoga classes and all four have been very different. I personally don't think it needs to be an aeorbic workout to be good. I've been pretty sore after a yoga class too. I just went to one, however, that I left after the first 10 minutes of the class because the instructor walked around too much and didn't do the moves to show how to do it. Very frustrating! She also LOVED downward facing dog too much! I was disappointed because I really LOVE yoga!