Monday, June 15, 2009

Bear Lake Marathon Highlights (and Lowlights)

A week ago, I was a nervous wreck. My husband was getting ready to run his 9th marathon. Well, he did, and here's a bit of good news: he finished, and he lived to tell about it! That's all that really matters, right? Actually, the race itself wasn't too bad. The weekend, however, wouldn't top my list for best vacations ever. But bad stories are good stories, right? Here's what went down in Bear Lake, Utah last weekend.

  • Husband and his brother think camping sounds like a fun way to spend the night before a marathon.
  • Husband and brother think camping really close to a lake sounds like a fun way to camp.
  • Husband and brother don't think about the thousands of Edward-esque mosquitos that will want my Bella-esque blood at said campsite.
  • Husband and brother don't think it's worth an extra $13 to park both cars at the campsite.
  • Husband informs me as he's setting up our tent that, oops, he forgot the tent poles!
  • Husband thinks sleeping in the car with our two children sounds like a good alternative. I think eating our chicken parmigiana spaghetti foil dinners, and going home sounds better! Forget the darn race!
  • Husband's brother graciously offers to let our family of four share a tent with his family of seven. Yes...that's eleven people in one tent, including two babies in two pac-n-plays.
  • One of those babies (mine) decides that sleeping in a tent isn't her thing, around 1 am. All ten of us get to hear her scream for the next hour.
  • Husband and brother awake at 4:45 am to run the race.
  • 7 kids sleep until 7.
  • Sister-in-law and I drive these 7 kids to find the runners.
  • We arrive at mile 17 early, so I put my kids in the jogging stroller, and run to find the husband.
  • We find him with bloody nipples at mile 15, and run with him to our car at mile 17.
  • Husband requests that we run a little mile 18.
  • We run back to the car.
  • We drive and stop at every subsequent mile...yes, we're supportive!.
  • At mile 22, husband requests that we drive to mile 24 to accompany-run-push-and-possibly-drag him along the final 2 miles.
  • We love him, so we do it.
  • I cry as we cross the finish line, and feel guilty that I'm crossing it. I sure didn't run 26.2 miles! Hauling two kids in a stroller for 8 counts for something, I guess!
  • Husband gets his 2nd worst time ever, but somehow wins 2nd place for his age group.
  • We fall in love with the small marathon!
  • We clean up camp and drive home.
Fun weekend, no?


Carrie said...

Oh My Goodness, camping with all of the kids before the big race?????????
What the heck???? I think you are so sweet and supportive to run and help Joe along the way. Way to go Robyn!!

Kara said...

O.M.G. I think you get a fast pass to heaven for that--at least your own medal!

Rachel Corbett said...

Wow-The image of you crying across the finish line is priceless, sad, but priceless. Bloody Nipples? What was he doing during mile 1-15?

Erin said...

Band-aid up those nipples Joe! Camping? Really? You really do love him don't you? I can't think of any other reason you would put yourself through such torture!

I still running really worth it? hehe...this coming from a non-runner...:)

I think I'll stick to my elliptical!

But yay for you for being so supportive and yay for Joe for the red ribbon finish!