Friday, June 5, 2009

Watch Out For the Falling Treadmill

Buenos Dias, fitmepeeps. Have you missed me? Truth be told, I've been questioning whether I'm actually qualified as a fit blogger. Why, you ask? Well, apparently I don't know how to operate a treadmill. I'll spare you the details of my own treadmill mishap. Rather, I'll give you an "imaginary" scenario in which you, the reader, get to choose the outcome.

Here it is...

It's Friday morning. Your house is (once again) full of family-guests. Your mom has requested that you accompany her to meet your brother's future mother-in-law at the reception venue in approximately two hours. Everyone leaves for other wedding-planning events. You have the house to yourself, and before dropping your own children off at your angel mother-in-law's house (so you can actually enjoy the outing), you decide to squeeze in a quick workout.

Option 1: Treadmill
Option 2: Yoga
Option 3: P90X

You choose the treadmill option. You head downstairs and quickly move the air mattress and lovesacs out of the way. You proceed to move the treadmill away from the wall. You step on the treadmill to wheel it into place before lowering the running belt to the ground. You forget to check to make sure the belt was actually latched at the top. As you tilt the treadmill towards you, the unlatched belt falls, smacking you in the head, and knocking you into the wall.

What do you do next?

A. You sit on the floor and cry for a minute, then get up, set up the treadmill properly, and run anyway (with a pounding headache, and a mixture of tears, blood, and sweat on your face).

B. You scream for your 3-year old to bring you the phone so you can call 911.

C. You lay on the floor crying hysterically as you think of the "what-ifs" for the next 20 minutes. What if I'd been knocked unconscious or paralyzed and my kids found me downstairs and didn't know what to do, and no one found me for days...

D. You curse the treadmill and decide to never run again. But you proudly show everyone the big bruise on your head from when your treadmill tried to kill you.

That's the scenario. And since this isn't my story...ahem...I'm curious what you would do. ( I wouldn't check to make sure the treadmill was latched. Duh.) Choose your option!


Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I would curse the treadmill, naturally :-)

Erin said...

Ouch, so sorry! The abuse our bodies take for trying to stay in shape!

Rachel Corbett said...

I would so choose C- and while I was crying hysterically I'd be seriously cursing the treadmill! But I can pretty much gaurantee I wouldn't be working out that day :)

Diane said...

I'll tell you what I think you would do. I think you'd run anyway and wait to cry until you tell you mom what happened. That's what I think.

Missy said...

It just kills me. They make bells and crap to let you know you left the lights on in the car when you open the door to try to get out. But we're supposed to believe nobody can think of something to warn a person that the treadmills not latched. It really is kinda important, you could have been hurt pretty badly.
Sorry you hit your head, Robyn. We've all do things like that. (That's why they put reminders on so many things) :)

Michael said...

I don't think I should give away the answer, but I can't believe what you...I mean "that person" did. I probably would've sworn and cursed the treadmill and called someone to tell them what had happened.

Lindy Merkley said...

I'm pretty sure I would have cursed the offending treadmill and then proceeded with the run. . .lame I know. . .but you gotta do what you gotta do, right. I would have then cursed the treadmill throughout the run and later showed everyone my awesome bruise, because lets face it, I love attention!!!