Monday, November 2, 2009


WHOA! Has it REALLY been a month since I posted? I tell you, I'm having a love-hate relationship with my new early morning workout schedule. I LOVE having my workouts done by 7 am, but my middle-of-the-day-during-naptime-and-late-at-night-blogging is sure suffering! I have about a million updates floating around in my head, however, so I'll be back to regularly scheduled posts soon...I promise!

Hopefully you all survived the craziness of Halloween. I LOVE the holiday, but CAN'T STAND the way my kids act when they have that much candy in their possession. The downward descent of unhealthy eating has officially begun. And it doesn't end until Easter!

Here's my goal. I don't know that I can commit to giving up sugar (actually I do know...I can't. I've tried it, remember?) BUT I AM going to try to give up chocolate. That's the majority of my sugar eating, anyway. HERE'S THE DEAL: NO CHOCOLATE UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY! There, I said it. Anyone want to join? That's NO CHOCOLATE for less than TWO MONTHS (yikes! Is Christmas really that soon?)

Think it over. Let me know if you want to join me. And check this out in the Halloween was ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATE (and blueberries...)


Jill said...

Ummm, NO! I do not want to join you. I wish I had the willpower, but I don't. Good luck though.

Michael said...

Yeah, I'm not in need of dropping chocolate. If anything, I need to drop Dr. Pepper. Maybe I'll join you and stop drinking Dr. Pepper 'til Christmas.