Thursday, April 15, 2010

How much exercise do your kids get every day?

Oh, hi there. You still here? Whenever I go for longer than a week without blogging, I start to hear a little nagging voice in the back of my head. I'm not sure why I feel obligated to keep writing, but I do. For you bloggers out there, why do you blog? Is it because you feel a responsibility to your readers? Is it because you are one of those lucky bloggers that actually makes money blogging? Is it because it helps you have a voice? Is it because of the amazing people you get to "meet" that you wouldn't get to learn from otherwise? For me, it's many of those things (minus the money), but it's also therapeutic...especially during the seemingly endless winter months. But dare I say it? SPRING IS ACTUALLY HERE! So I've been (as MizFit likes to say) LIVING not BLOGGING.
A few weeks ago, I watched my friends' two cute kids while she and her hubby celebrated her 30th birthday on a trip to New York. (I keep dropping hints to my DH that my 30th is coming up in August...having a newborn baby sure puts a damper on the celebration. There will be no trips to New York...I guess I'll just stay 29 this year). Anyway, for the first time this year, the weather was FINALLY warm! I literally could not be happier about the sunshine. I didn't realize how spoiled I was growing up in California--where we could spend time in the sun all year long--until I moved back to Utah. And actually, living in Utah as a college student is MUCH different than living in Utah as a stay-at-home mom.

I love the change of seasons, but let's be honest...once Christmas is over, I'm ready to get outside! Parenting is so much easier when you have the great outdoors to entertain the wee ones. A few weeks ago, I was feeling like the worst parent in the world. I was tired of entertaining, listening to whining, and really had to use all of my self control not to sit my kids in front of the TV all day to pass the time.

But spring is actually here! I never thought I'd be able to say that! While my friends' kiddos were here, we spent all day outside. We walked to the park (about a 3-mile round trip trek) every day. I pushed the 2-year olds in the jogging stroller while the 4-year olds walked. We got to the park, they ran for a few hours, then walked home complaining of tired legs. But they all slept like champs, and I have a nice farmers' tan to prove the sun is actually shining! (I also got to enjoy some nice comments on my ever-expanding belly. While running around with my little boy and his soccer ball, I was asked if I'm trying to make myself go into labor. Thanks...but no...I still have two months left! I know...shocking. And no, I'm not having twins!)

As a fitness-minded mom, it's really hard for me to figure out how to get in the recommended hour each day of physical activity for my kids during the cold winter months. I drop them off at the kids' club at the gym, fully expecting them to play on the little indoor playground, and come back only to find them watching the movie instead. We go to Costco (always a workout for me), and I think they'll be good little listeners so I can let them walk, but after darting in front of one grumpy-old-man's-cart too many, I'm forced to use the seatbelts instead. We go outside to build a snowman, only to come inside minutes later for a potty break, and decide it's too much work to bundle back up. Getting little kids to exercise in the winter is not easy. But warm weather is here, and I'm going to take advantage!

So if you need me, I'll be sitting lazily in the front yard reading a book, and chatting with neighbor friends while the kids run like mad until their hair is sweaty, their cheeks are rosy, their tummies are hungry, and their mouths are thirsty.

Spring is a blessing for all, but at this point in my life, I'd like to think it's a special blessing just for ME! Some Vitamin D is definitely what the doctor ordered for this mama. And after months of beating myself up for not finding better ways to keep my kids moving, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. It's not a work-out; it's a play-out. What could be more fun than that?
How do you keep your kids moving? And how are you living not blogging these days?


Judi said...

Enjoyed your post today!

Great topic! It is basically the focus of my blog - family fitness and health! We are always looking for ways to help get our family moving - it may just mean parking far from the grocery store and walking! Or going to get our mail (our lane is 1/3 mile long so that gives us some good exercise). I personally take care of my exercise before anyone is awake and then hope for more later on with the kids!

Why do I blog? Well I don't make money! Basically it is a fun outlet for me. It also keeps me going on my goals for myself and my family. I feel accountable to a lot of people!

I am enjoying spring too! It was a long winter! :)

Jill said...

Unfortunately, spring has not come to this windy part of Wyoming yet, but I have a feeling it's just around the corner.

As for exercise, I try to make the kids walk whenever we go to the library or the park or on small errands. On bad days, we go to the rec center or maybe the indoor pool if I'm up for swimming in frigid waters. I have not done the best job this winter of making sure they get all the physical activity they need (unless of course you count the Wii). But as soon as spring gets here, we are going to be walking more, doing yard work, playing outside, swimming, etc. I love warm weather!

Yuri said...

If by kids you mean my two little dogs, then lots. I make it a priority to walk them at least 1 hour per day. Mondays we run hills together. It's great because it forces me to keep me moving too!

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