Sunday, March 13, 2011

Marathon Training Weeks 6 and 7...and the graphic details of my visit to the dermatologist

So last week's training for me was pretty much non-existent. My legs have been hurting, I've been worried about possible injuries, so I ran a total of 7 miles...all last Monday. Ouch! I was so motivated 6 weeks ago...time to dig deep and find some more motivation! Usually a week of not doing a whole lot does the trick for me...not exercising and eating junk seem to go hand in this week I'm back on track! My fridge is chock full of yummy produce, my running shoes are rested, and I'm ready for some running fun!

But did I mention that I lost my iPod at the gym? In the past few months, my gym membership has proven to be a much more expensive investment than I bargained for. One day, I dropped my kids off in the Kids' Club. When we arrived, my son was wearing his awesomely-warm-and-slightly-too-big-so-it-would-still-fit-next-year-winter-coat. After we left, I looked at him several times wondering why it suddenly looked so small. I finally looked at the tag and saw that his size 5T coat from BabyGap was now a size 2T. Same coat. THREE sizes too small. I take full responsibility...I'm pretty sure I grabbed the smaller coat from the same place I'd originally hung the larger one, but did not pay attention to him squeezing his long arms through the short sleeves. The small coat is now sitting under a desk at the gym, silently waiting for it's original owner to reclaim it. The larger coat has yet to be found.

A month or so later, I met my trusty running-sister-in-law-buddy on a cold, blustery Saturday afternoon. Rather than run in the cold, we met to do our long run treadmill style. I was mid-cleanse. I'd taught Zumba in the morning. My body (and obviously brain) were tired. What started out as a proposed 15-miler ended up being a very long 10 miles. When I finally finished running the 10-miles (that felt like 20!), I hit the cool down button, took out my earphones, wound them around my iPod, and stuffed them into the drink holder. I stumbled to a stop, stretched for a bit, grabbed my water and towel from the drink holder, and wearily left. Hours
later, my husband needed my iPod. I told him exactly where it WASn't. In my pink gym bag. When he told me it wasn't there, my heart sank. You know the rest of the story (except the part about the "thugs" who apparently hit up my gym on Saturday nights to play ball...after scouring the place for lost iPods and such). No more iPod. No more coat. Maybe it's a sign that I need to start running outside! I am SO HAPPY that Spring is literally just around the corner...8 days and counting!

My brain has been in a serious fog. Did you all remember to set your clocks forward last night? We sure didn't! My husband remembered when he looked at the clock at what we thought was 6:30 am (while getting ready for an early church meeting that starts at 7:00 am) and gasped realizing that he was already 1/2 hour late. I normally get up extra early on Sunday mornings to get myself and the kids ready for 9 am church. It's the one day I actually try to look my best! Legs shaved, eyebrows plucked, earrings and lipstick, the whole deal. Amazingly we made it on time...maybe I'll sleep in more often! But not this week....

This week I'm RUNNING!!!!! If you're following along, I'm sooooo sorry I missed another week of posting my training schedule. I didn't run either if that counts for anything. I did visit the dermatologist, however, so he could check out all the weird skin stuff I have going on. I thought having a baby made you lose all dignity. I've changed my mind. Visiting a dermatologist takes any dignity that was left! He first inspected the nasty recurring rash around my eyes. A week ago I seriously looked like quasimodo:
Swollen, rashy, gorgeous red, puffy eyes. The same rash I had 4 weeks earlier! The doctor's diagnosis? SWEAT! Great...I'm probably going to keep sweating, so PLEASE tell me I'm not going to look like this every Monday for the rest of my life. Since I was there, I also had a complete mole check...and yes...they check EVERYWHERE. Awkward. He burned off a few red beauties. And if you've ever been my hairdresser? You've felt the huge lump on the back of my head. Apparently, it's called a cranial sebaceous cyst. It's now gone, and in the place where it dwelt for many years are now stitches. Here's a GRAPHIC video of a poor guy having the same lovely, fascinating procedure!

GROSS! And cool! Apparently these are genetic, and often recurring. Next time I'll take my OWN video camera! And just in case you've gotten the wrong idea that I have it all together? Well there you have it...I'm rashy, moley, cyst-y, forgetful, and happy to start a NEW week!

Here's what we missed last week:

MONDAY: Interval- 7 to 10 miles, 3 x (800m-600m-600m) at 5K effort, 90 seconds recovery, 5 minutes between sets
TUESDAY:Distance- 5 to 8 miles
WEDNESDAY:MLR- 10 to 11 miles
THURSDAY:Distance- 4 to 6 miles
FRIDAY: Tempo- 6 to 10 miles, 30 to 40 minutes continuous run at marathon tempo
SATURDAY: Long Distance- 12 to 14 miles, shorter long run

and here's what we're shooting for this week....ish....

MONDAY: Interval- 8 to 10 miles, 2x (4x800m) at 10K pace, 90 second recovery, 5 minutes recovery between sets
TUESDAY: Distance- 5 to 8 miles
WEDNESDAY: Tempo- 6 to 9 miles, 2 x 15 minutes at marathon tempo, 5 minutes recovery
THURSDAY: Distance- 5 to 8 miles
FRIDAY: Distance- 6 to 9 miles
SATURDAY: Long Distance- 16 to 18 miles, running miles 9 through 12 at marathon tempo

There you go! Happy running! Hooray for a new start this week with the hope of SPRING!


Kimberly said...

First of all, you don't look like quasimoto (sp?), but that was a funny analogy! I'm positive you will finish the marathon with flying colors whether or not you train as well as you want. Know why? Because you're awesome and I know you and know how motivated you are and what great shape you are in! Love you tons!

Aly said...

Oh my hell, Robyn! We're OLD! We've aged - falling apart - decrepit!! Don't even get me started on weird skin things...who knew, right?!

I'm with Kimberly! You are in fantastic shape and will totally show that marathon who's boss :O).

Bree said...

It's good to know there's another "moley one" out there! I often feel alone in that department. :) And it does make me feel a little better knowing you-- even you-- fall off the fitness train every now and then, only to jump right back on and run 10-15 miles. Your'e amazing. And inspiring! Keep it up.

Jer + Lu said...

Holy cow, girl! You've been through some rough times!! I would agree running would have to take the back seat for awhile. Ouch. And losing your stuff at the gym?! That totally bites. Just when you think it can't get any worse.... Hang in there! Here's to better times :D

Heather and Jake said...

Bree and I are from the same family, you know, so we have the same problems. Both my parents were cursed with bad skin...moles and freckles galore. *sigh* I love that you're so blunt and honest in writing about your issues. :) Atta girl. Glad you made it on Monday night and still ate a little junk food, otherwise I would've felt like a total fatty! Good luck training, you're amazing.