Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! We'll be back next week with...
  • An end of summer shoulder shape-up routine
  • Tips on how to intensify your running workout
  • Starpansie's 30-minute playlist
  • Some of our favorite things to chew on
  • Pilates and a stronger you
  • Work-out myth busters!

We'll see you Monday...


Darci said...

I love Myth Busters!! I can't wait.

Trenda said...

Love the new blog idea! I was wondering where to get Origins. Is it a product you could get at walmart/Target, or is it at Nordstroms or something? I am looking for a good night time moisturizer and eye cream, any suggestions?

carla said...

woo hoo!

welcome to the world of fitness blogging.

Ill be back.


i'm kelly said...

love the new blog!

Amber said...

Tooo fun! Y'all are doing a great job with this here blog. ;-)