Monday, September 1, 2008

Beautiful arms start with beautiful shoulders

Supposedly summer is pretty much over, but we're in denial!!!! This week, we're going to focus on some shoulder moves to fight off the "winter's coming blues!" You won't want to pull out your sweaters after this! These moves will strengthen your shoulders, prevent injuries, and give you beautiful summer arms (which I am still trying to achieve myself)!

Get out some light to medium hand weights (or some heavy soup cans if you don't have any). Stand with your feet hip width apart, your knees slightly bent, while drawing in your lower abdomen. Perform each of these moves 12 to 15 times, working up to 3 sets.

1. Front Raise
Start with your hands in front of your thighs, knuckles towards your body. Slowly raise both dumbbells (with straight arms), stopping no higher than shoulder height. Lower SLOWLY back to starting position, and repeat.

2. Upright Row:
Raise dumbbells toward your chin, coming straight up the front of your body. Stop when the weights are level with your chest. Your elbows should be slightly higher than your hands. Lower slowly, and repeat.

3. Lateral Raise
Start with the dumbbells in front of your body with your knuckles touching. Raise your arms slowly to the side of your body (with a slight bend in the elbows). Sloooowly return to the starting position, and repeat.
For more of a challenge, keep your arms straight!

4. Rear Deltoid Pressback With straight arms, hold the weights behind your body. Keeping your arms straight, press backward. Press back until you feel the work in the back of your shoulder. (And keep your wrists straighter than mine are in this picture....) Return to the start and repeat.
5. Bent Over Lateral Raise This move is just like #3, but bent forward from the hips. Hold in your abs to support the lower back, and keep your knees slightly bent. Raise arms out to the side. For an added bonus, turn your thumbs to the floor, and your pinky fingers to the ceiling!
Note: I've NEVER posed as an exercise model...I just thought these moves needed pictures. Rather than focusing on proper form, I was focusing on trying not to laugh, deciding whether or not to smile, trying to look away from the camera, keeping my belly in, etc. Hopefully you get the idea. The moves really do work!


Missy said...

Hey, this one was particularly great. I know a lot of exercises with free weights, but I hardly know any for my shoulders. Up until know, I knew about two of them. This was very cool. I've been meaning to look up more, but you know how that one goes. Very nice... very nice indeed. Thanks Robyn for posing! I like to see pictures with explinations; it's just easier for me to understand that way. Also, you look great! :)

Aly said...

Thanks for the tips! LOVED the look AMAZING, no belly to suck in!

Fitalicious Mamas said...

Thanks! Notice that most of the pictures are cropped ABOVE my you don't see what my non-sucked in version looks like!

Marci & Marcus said...

Who's the hottie?!

Michael said...

Great photographer.