Sunday, December 21, 2008

The NINTH Day of rhyme!

It's Sunday morn', and I'm tired. Are you?
Long lines, lots of shopping. I'm coming un-glued.
Thank heavens for today. A day of what? Rest?
I've still loads to do. No rest for me, I'll attest.
First church for three hours. Then a singing I'll go.
To not one party, but two. I'm part of the show!
Let's hope I don't crack. Or cry. Please don't faint!
When I get home, it'll be time to, well, paint!
Homemade gifts always sound so simple, and yet
They take so much effort. Is it worth all the sweat?
Christmas is here, just a few more short days.
We'll relax. We'll feel magic. We'll sing out in praise!
But for now, I'm still stressed. Not quite ready. Slow down!
My folks are a drivin'...they're coming to town.
My house isn't clean. My presents? Not wrapped.
And the cards? Not ordered. Time to say it...Oh crap!
My point in lamenting...prob'ly not very clear.
Is to remind YOU and MYSELF to remember this year,
That when times are tough, you just can't do it all!
When I try to be Wonder Woman, I usually fall!
I'll be honest. I haven't worked out much this week.
For a compulsive worker-outer, my life has felt bleak.
But guess what? I'm OK. My body's loving the break.
Guess what else? I've been eating a butt-load of cake!
When the holiday's over, on the wagon I'll jump.
I'll run, and I'll sweat. And I'll lose the big bump!
Or maybe I won't. We'll just wait and see.
Life's not all about fitting into size 3!
Which I'm not--nor will I ever hope to be.
(Just had to rhyme...size 3 sounded better than 30!)
Don't know where I'm heading, so I'll end this right here.
Just reminding myself...I'll be better NEXT YEAR!
How 'bout you? You surviving the holiday mess?
You remembering HIM by whose birth we are blessed?
Leave a comment...share with us your holiday woes.
Or maybe uplift us...just like the song goes!
Joy to the World! You feeling the joy?
I do love the season. Let's remember that Boy!


esherman10 said...

Impressive, Robyn! I didn't realize you are a poet! :) I can't believe you had time to write a poem with all the other stuff going on. Merry Christmas!

Cindy said...

You are such a great writer! I really enjoyed reading this post. We're excited to see your parents in a few days. Merry Christmas!