Friday, September 4, 2009

Gym Germs

This morning I didn't stick to my original plan of working out at 5:30 am. Luckily, preschool doesn't start until next week, so working out at 9 am was still an option. I skipped the class, and did my own cardio session followed by some strength training.

While at the gym, I always carry around at least a towel and water bottle. Not having a towel drives me crazy! I have to have it to wipe off the gallons of sweat pouring out of my body. I sweat. I wipe. I set the towel down for a few seconds, complete another exercise, pick up the towel, and repeat. For some reason, I totally grossed myself out today.

I was working with some free weights. I set my water bottle on the floor, and my towel on a workout bench next to me. You know, the incline bench that seats hundreds of nasty, sweaty men as they grunt and press each day? My wet towel was now nicely wedged in the crevice...the nasty-bum-sweat-gathering crevice. Before I gave second thought to the germs now congregating onto my towel, I picked it up, wiped my entire face, then set it back down...this time on top of my water bottle on the gym floor. That's when it hit me. Sweaty, fecal matter could be crawling all over my face. And towel. And water bottle.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm definitely not a germaphobe. My kids eat off the floor at my house, and quite frankly, so do I. I figure they need germs to build up their immune system, so bring it on! But that's my house. I know what's coming in and out, and I personally scrub and disinfect my floors at least every week.

I know they clean the gym equipment, but how often? Definitely not in-between each user. And those benches? I've never seen a wipe down. I'm sure it happens, but not while I'm there. So hopefully I survive the sweaty bum germs contaminating my towel, face, and water bottle. Next time I'll leave the towel home and just use my shirt. Or I'll bring my own disinfecting wipes. Either way, the nasty, sweaty, grunting men at the gym are not those with whom I'd like to share germs. Ewwww.
Are you a germaphobe? Do you think about what germs you're letting into your life and body, or do you think it's okay just to share and share alike when it comes to germs? Am I overreacting here? Discuss.


Aly said...

Your germ freak out reminded me of that handbag email! I would love to see the same study done on the butt crack germs on the work out benched at the gym:).

I am DEFINITElY a BIG Germaphobe!

Michael said...

Disgusting. I like to not think about it...I do try to keep my workout towel out of the cracks at the gym, though.

Marci & Marcus said...

Germs at the gym? Hmmm, just try to ignore them I guess. But when Kim at the gym was complaining of all the cat hair on the floor mats, I was thinking to myself "They better not have any freaking cats in here getting hair all over our mats!"

Missy said...

That's too funny. I wipe down the blue matts against the wall before I stretch or touch them. I always get weird looks, but I don't care! You should see the grody stuff that comes off of those matts. eeeeeW!
They keep spray next to the gray ab-worker dealies by the stairs. I use it often. If it's ever not there, you can go to the front desk, they usually have something you can use.
Yes... I AM a germaphobe!
Oh, have you seen the "make a goal" thinger??? Apparently they have to check it a few times every day to keep the pornographic goals at bay! Idiot men!
Makes me want to carry a clorox bottle. ONly I'm not going to spritz the seats, I'm just going to go strait to the source and start spritzing men!
Rule of thumb, I'f you're covered in tats, you better cover your eyes!!!