Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Healthy Dinner Exchange Gone Bad

I think I just threw up in my mouth. If I didn't know the reason for the nausea, I might think I was pregnant. But I don't normally actually get sick when I'm pregnant. No, I feel much worse.

I'll tell you why...but I might seriously lose some friends. Actually, I think I sort of already have.


About two years ago, a friend and I started a dinner exchange. I would cook for her family one night, and she would cook for us another night. I loved the exchange so much, I asked another good friend if she'd be interested in joining. I trusted these girls...their taste in food, their cleanliness in preparation, their healthy eating habits. Plus, they are really good friends. I knew they would understand the occasional breakfast-for-dinner nights on the days I just didn't have as much time as I thought.

But we've been on a little dinner-exchange-hiatus. For me, summer happened. A big move happened for another. And a complicated-bedrest-sort-of-pregnancy happened for the third. But as fall approached, I was excited to start back up. The first friend is still mid-move, but the other friend is back on her feet and wanted to exchange. Woo hoo! One less night to worry about what the heck is for dinner!

Today, the first day of Fall, was the first day of the exchange. I made Moroccan Chicken (the winner of last year's healthy recipe contest) with brown rice, and delivered it to my friend. I sat down with my kids, and they amazingly ate every last bite. As I was clearing the dishes, my good friend--who'd just eaten my dinner--called.
"Hi!" I exclaimed.

"Hey!" she replied. "Dinner was really good. I need to get that recipe from you."

"Oh good! I'm glad you liked it. I had to change it up a bit. I added black and kidney beans, and did green peppers instead of red."

"Yeah...it was so good."

"I also added some tomatoes that I canned last week with my mother-in-law."

"Oh...that made it really good!"

My dear friend had me feeling pretty darn good about the dinner I'd delivered. She's really nice that way. But before hanging up, she had a little more to say.


"What's up?"

"You might want to check your rice."


"Well...there are little worm things in it."


"It's not a big deal! I didn't even notice until I was almost done. I figure a little extra protein never hurts anybody. I just wanted to let you know in case you haven't fed your kids yet...you could make some new rice."

At that point, I headed over to the stove to check out the rice. I couldn't believe it. She had to be mistaken. Brown rice has lots of weird looking grainy things, right? Plus...it was stored in the fridge! But to my dismay, there one was. Some sort of dead meal worm right in the brown rice that I'd just eaten, my kids had just eaten, and my neighbors had just eaten!

I am still so grossed out, I can hardly stand it. And I actually can't believe I'm blogging about it. If you hear of the strange deaths of two neighboring families in your local news, you'll know why! And don't be surprised if I don't invite you to dinner anytime soon. I'll be busy throwing all our food away! Gross!


Heidi said...

what a memory! one day you'll look back and laugh - just not real soon... :)

Marci & Marcus said...

Well its a good thing it is our turn to cook next month, I don't like worms!! Although I could use a little extra protein... hmmmm...

Christie said...

I always say I'm just a good tape worm away from reaching my goal weight. Want to send me some of that rice?

Evelyn and Art said...

Oh man, we're so not friends anymore!!! Hahaha! I just read your post to Art and we're STILL laughing about it! I was kinda thinking Mr. Meal Worm could make friends with my Mexican worms and have a little party! I'm sure they're lonely in there! I seriously don't care by the way! It was still awesome food!! You're an awesome friend! Love ya!

Michael said...

It's funny that that happened, and it's even funnier that Evelyn noticed, and not you. How many times have you eaten that rice? Ugh, that makes me want to throw up, too.

Aly said...

Oh, Robyn! You are making me laugh so much tonight with these very funny posts! Only you...

Maylene said...

That was so funny! Good thing you were exchanging dinner with a real friend and not someone you barely know...that you got asked to make dinner for.

Diane said...

I'm speechless!!! Gross....but soooo funny!

Kimberly said...

Totally embarrassing AND GROSS, but hilarious! What a good friend to tell you the truth so you don't eat that rice anymore...yuck!

Missy said...

My friend gave me some huge mushrooms one time. I found little tiny maggots in them as I was eating them! They were filled with them. I did throw up. I love mushrooms, but I will never eat those huge mushrooms again.

Sarah E said...

Ha ha! You're such a funny girl. I have been absent from the blogging world for far too long and I've forgotten how fun it is to read all you have to say.
How are you guys doing these days?