Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Worms For Dinner, and other updates...

In case you were worried, we all survived the worms-in-the-brown-rice disaster. Stie's comment that she's "just a good tape worm away from reaching [her] goal weight" would have been a happy ending to the story (in my case...not in my pregnant friend's)! Maybe I'll buy some more Great Value brown rice in hopes for some sort of fat-eating parasite! But all was not lost, and my dear friend Evelyn and I have shared many a laugh because of the unfortunate event.

First, I took over a peace offering:And Evelyn brought over the BEST "wormy" Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Pizza EVER. What a nice friend for working so hard to make me feel OK after feeding her rotten rice! As for the rest of my silly experiments, going 'poo-free is actually going well! The baking soda wash makes my hair squeaky clean, and the vinegar rinse makes it super soft! I have super fine hair, so I'm trying to adjust the amounts to see what works best. Too much vinegar makes it too soft and straight. By focusing only on the ends with the vinegar rinse, everything seems fine. Has anyone else dared to give it a try?

My cousin mentioned to me that she actually washes her hair with egg whites! In college, I used to curl my hair with an egg-white mousse, but I've never tried washing it that way! Michelle adds her own concoction of good smells with cloves, mint, crushed flowers, etc. Who knew eggs could be so versatile! The baking soda thing's working for me, but maybe I'll get brave someday and give this one a try!

The other experiment--waking up early to work out--is going quite well. I'm definitely more tired. And I'm for sure suffering from sleep-deprivation-induced-grumpiness. But I love being done with my workout by 7 am. More on this later.

Are you experimenting with anything? (Brown rice meal worms, anyone?) Let us know what you've tried and what works/doesn't work for you!
Side note to the egg-white mousse thing: After my mission, I was at a friendly gathering where my pre-mission-boyfriend was also present with his wife. I'd used egg whites in my hair that night to give it the crunchy-curly look (I hot). My ex's wife was having a major allergic reaction for some reason, and they weren't sure why, so they left early. Come to find out, she was allergic to eggs, and my hair had caused the reaction! Good way to put an end to an otherwise awkward evening! Go me!


Evelyn and Art said...

You may actually have more embarrassing stories than me! I don't know, it's pretty close! Way to go with the experimentations. I need to experiment, but I think it's just going to be with getting Christmas done early and child birth - pain meds free!! haha! We'll see!

Kimberly said...

That story about Richard and his wife is so funny. Thank goodness you've grown out of the curly, crunchy, egg white look...j/k. Evelyn is truly the best. What a great way to make an awkward situation into a fun, memorable one! I think you need to post about the "burnouts." Those are Killer!!

Michael said...

What are burnouts? And why am I so out of the loop? That is always a good story...your egg dander causing her allergy to flare up.

Aly said...

I am SERIOUSLY laughing. SO. HARD! I don't know why but that last little bit about the egg-attack struck me so funny!

I might try the 'poo sounds interesting enough.